2018 Handicap

Date / Track:
Post Time:
6 f (Turf)
Age / Sex:
4+ M
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start Elixir.HRN
1 Horse Silk George Bowen George Bowen
Dark Angel
3.59 Richard A. Fahey
Connor Beasley
8th, 2021 Handicap
Last Race 8th, 2021 Handicap
2 Horse Silk Foolaad Foolaad
Exceed And Excel
0.00 Roy Bowring
Robert Winston
18th, 2019 Handicap
Last Race 18th, 2019 Handicap
3 Horse Silk Danzeno Danzeno
5.12 Michael Appleby
Frankie Dettori
9th, 2022 Handicap
Last Race 9th, 2022 Handicap
4 Horse Silk Out Do Out Do
Exceed And Excel
0.00 David O'Meara
Daniel Tudhope
28th, 2018 Heritage Handicap
Last Race 28th, 2018 Heritage Handicap
5 Horse Silk Final Venture Final Venture
0.00 Paul T. Midgley
Oisin Murphy
9th, 2020 Handicap
Last Race 9th, 2020 Handicap
6 Horse Silk Tomily Tomily
Canford Cliffs
0.00 Richard Hannon Jr.
Hollie Doyle
10th, 2019 Handicap
Last Race 10th, 2019 Handicap
7 Horse Silk Teruntum Star Teruntum Star
Dutch Art
4.84 Kevin A. Ryan
Kevin Stott
11th, 2021 Wentworth Stakes LS
Last Race 11th, 2021 Wentworth Stakes LS
8 Horse Silk Golden Apollo Golden Apollo
0.00 Tim D. Easterby
Paul Mulrennan
2nd, 2021 Handicap
Last Race 2nd, 2021 Handicap
9 Horse Silk Ower Fly Ower Fly
Pastoral Pursuits
0.00 Ruth A. Carr
James Sullivan
12th, 2019 Handicap
Last Race 12th, 2019 Handicap
10 Horse Silk Classic Seniority Classic Seniority
0.00 Marjorie Fife
Barry McHugh
2nd, 2018 Handicap
Last Race 2nd, 2018 Handicap
11 Horse Silk Quick Look Quick Look
0.00 Michael W. Easterby
Nathan Evans
10th, 2020 Handicap
Last Race 10th, 2020 Handicap
12 Horse Silk El Hombre El Hombre
0.00 Keith Dalgleish
Rowan Scott
8th, 2020 Handicap
Last Race 8th, 2020 Handicap
13 Horse Silk Orion's Bow Orion's Bow
0.00 Tim D. Easterby
David Allan
14th, 2019 Handicap
Last Race 14th, 2019 Handicap
14 Horse Silk Dark Defender Dark Defender
Pastoral Pursuits
0.00 Keith Dalgleish
Luke Morris
3rd, 2020 Handicap
Last Race 3rd, 2020 Handicap
15 Horse Silk Private Matter Private Matter
4.45 Richard A. Fahey
Patrick 'Paddy' Mathers
5th, 2018 Handicap
Last Race 5th, 2018 Handicap
16 Horse Silk Firmdecisions Firmdecisions
Captain Rio
0.00 Nigel Tinkler
Cameron 'Cam' Hardie
4th, 2018 Handicap
Last Race 4th, 2018 Handicap
17 Horse Silk Lucky Beggar Lucky Beggar
0.00 David C. Griffiths
Andrew Mullen
5th, 2018 Handicap
Last Race 5th, 2018 Handicap
18 Horse Silk Gin In The Inn Gin In The Inn
Alfred Nobel
0.00 Richard A. Fahey
Paul Hanagan
5th, 2019 Handicap
Last Race 5th, 2019 Handicap
19 Horse Silk Flying Pursuit Flying Pursuit
Pastoral Pursuits
0.00 Tim D. Easterby
Rachel Richardson
5th, 2021 Handicap
Last Race 5th, 2021 Handicap