WO Claim (10/13/14-R10)

Date / Track:
Post Time:
5 f (Synthetic)
Age / Sex:
3+ M
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start Elixir.HRN
1 Horse Silk Check Em Check Em
Best Of The Bests
0.00 Ralph J. Biamonte
Patrick Husbands
6th, WO Claim (6/14/15-R1) 4-1
Last Race 6th, WO Claim (6/14/15-R1)
2 Horse Silk Speed Bias Speed Bias
3.79 Adam Kitchingman
Gary Boulanger
4th, WO Claim (11/19/14-R8) 9-2
Last Race 4th, WO Claim (11/19/14-R8)
3 Horse Silk Aintnoflysonme Aintnoflysonme
0.00 Gordon C. Colbourne
Emile Ramsammy
9th, WO Claim (6/17/15-R7) 20-1
Last Race 9th, WO Claim (6/17/15-R7)
4 Horse Silk Another Kitten Another Kitten
Kitten's Joy
0.00 John Cardella
Sheena Ryan
9th, WO Claim (11/1/14-R11) 20-1
Last Race 9th, WO Claim (11/1/14-R11)
5 Horse Silk Moneyinthecuvee Moneyinthecuvee
0.00 Robert Barbara
J P Jensen
6th, WO Claim (4/12/15-R2) 20-1
Last Race 6th, WO Claim (4/12/15-R2)
6 Horse Silk Artefacto Artefacto
0.00 Saffie A. Joseph, Jr.
Luis Contreras
3rd, GP Claim (4/6/16-R3) 5-2
Last Race 3rd, GP Claim (4/6/16-R3)
7 Horse Silk Chilkoot Pass Chilkoot Pass
Perigee Moon
3.79 Richard L Morden
Nick Webb
2nd, WO Claim (6/26/15-R2) 10-1
Last Race 2nd, WO Claim (6/26/15-R2)
8 Horse Silk Accomplice Accomplice
Bold Executive
0.00 Sid C. Attard
P Leacock
11th, GP Claim (7/27/17-R10) 20-1
Last Race 11th, GP Claim (7/27/17-R10)
9 Horse Silk Original Cast Original Cast
City Zip
0.00 John Charalambous
Erika Smilovsky
1st, WO Claim (11/19/14-R8) 12-1
Last Race 1st, WO Claim (11/19/14-R8)
10 Horse Silk Red Shot Red Shot
0.00 Ross Armata
Justin Stein
8th, Mnr Claim (7/19/16-R1) 6-1
Last Race 8th, Mnr Claim (7/19/16-R1)
11 Horse Silk Shannon's Posse Shannon's Posse
0.00 Sam Di Pasquale
Kirk Johnson
7th, Tam Claim (4/1/15-R4) 10-1
Last Race 7th, Tam Claim (4/1/15-R4)
12 Horse Silk Wascally Rabbit Wascally Rabbit
5.23 Gary C. Contessa
Juan Crawford
12th, WO Claim (10/13/14-R10) 20-1
Last Race 12th, WO Claim (10/13/14-R10)