WO MSW (11/6/11-R4)

Date / Track:
Post Time:
6 f (Synthetic)
Age / Sex:
2 M
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start Elixir.HRN
1 Horse Silk Bear And Rod Bear And Rod
One Way Love
0.00 Michael P. De Paulo
Emile Ramsammy
9th, CT Claim (1/17/14-R4)
Last Race 9th, CT Claim (1/17/14-R4)
2 Horse Silk Storm Clouds Ahead Storm Clouds Ahead
Weather Warning
0.00 Katerina Vassilieva
Luis Contreras
5th, GP Claim (9/28/13-R3)
Last Race 5th, GP Claim (9/28/13-R3)
3 Horse Silk Soda On The Side Soda On The Side
Whiskey Wisdom
0.00 Robert P. Tiller
Patrick Husbands
8th, WO Claim (6/1/13-R2)
Last Race 8th, WO Claim (6/1/13-R2)
4 Horse Silk Rising Dough Rising Dough
Peaks And Valleys
0.00 Scott H. Fairlie
Gerry L. Olguin
6th, WO Claim (9/3/17-R3)
Last Race 6th, WO Claim (9/3/17-R3)
5 Horse Silk Dr. Harkness Dr. Harkness
Bold N' Flashy
0.00 Catherine Day Phillips
Justin Stein
5th, WO Claim (9/3/17-R6)
Last Race 5th, WO Claim (9/3/17-R6)
6 Horse Silk Executive Runner Executive Runner
Bold Executive
0.00 Beverly Buck
Sunny Singh
12th, WO Allow (12/13/13-R8)
Last Race 12th, WO Allow (12/13/13-R8)
7 Horse Silk Fleon Fleon
0.00 James Hatchett
Omar Moreno
7th, WO Mcl (5/9/12-R8)
Last Race 7th, WO Mcl (5/9/12-R8)
8 Horse Silk Anotherchichybaby Anotherchichybaby
0.00 Daniel J. Vella
James S. McAleney
12th, WO Claim (7/4/12-R5)
Last Race 12th, WO Claim (7/4/12-R5)
9 Horse Silk Unwinding At Work Unwinding At Work
Laura's Lucky Boy
0.00 Mark E. Casse
Quincy K. Welch
5th, WO Claim (8/20/14-R8)
Last Race 5th, WO Claim (8/20/14-R8)
10 Horse Silk Wisdom River Wisdom River
Whiskey Wisdom
0.00 Marc A Blouin
Richard A. Dos Ramos
11th, WO Mcl (5/9/12-R4)
Last Race 11th, WO Mcl (5/9/12-R4)
11 Horse Silk Molinarosrapidchef Molinarosrapidchef
Fort Chaffee
0.00 Vito Armata
David J Moran
11th, WO MSW (11/6/11-R4)
Last Race 11th, WO MSW (11/6/11-R4)
12 Horse Silk Inchala Inchala
Where's The Ring
0.00 Robert F Crean
David Clark
10th, WO Mcl (8/6/12-R5)
Last Race 10th, WO Mcl (8/6/12-R5)