WO Mcl (9/16/11-R8)

Date / Track:
Post Time:
1 1/16 m (Synthetic)
Age / Sex:
3+ M
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start Elixir.HRN
1 Horse Silk Surge Power Surge Power
0.00 Tino Attard
Justin Stein
9th, GP Claim (12/12/12-R5)
Last Race 9th, GP Claim (12/12/12-R5)
2 Horse Silk Ribot Sun Ribot Sun
The Fed
0.00 Catherine Day Phillips
Luis Contreras
3rd, WO Mcl (11/30/11-R9)
Last Race 3rd, WO Mcl (11/30/11-R9)
3 Horse Silk Take A Pitch Take A Pitch
Peaks And Valleys
0.00 Mark E. Casse
Matt Moore
7th, WO Claim (7/11/14-R2)
Last Race 7th, WO Claim (7/11/14-R2)
4 Horse Silk Brite Sammy Brite Sammy
Brite Adam
0.00 Norman McKnight
Jeffrey Ian Alderson
4th, WO Claim (5/9/12-R1)
Last Race 4th, WO Claim (5/9/12-R1)
5 Horse Silk Uncatchable Fire Uncatchable Fire
0.00 Michael Mattine
Emile Ramsammy
8th, WO Claim (9/22/17-R7)
Last Race 8th, WO Claim (9/22/17-R7)
6 Horse Silk Oil Be Clever Oil Be Clever
0.00 Lorna M. Perkins
Richard A. Dos Ramos
2nd, WO Mcl (5/25/12-R8)
Last Race 2nd, WO Mcl (5/25/12-R8)
7 Horse Silk Authentic Power Authentic Power
Gun Power
0.00 Tamara Beatty
Caroline Duquet
7th, WO Mcl (9/16/11-R8)
Last Race 7th, WO Mcl (9/16/11-R8)
8 Horse Silk High Jumper High Jumper
Gaelic Heir
0.00 Justin J. Nixon
Gerry L. Olguin
7th, WO Claim (8/16/13-R5)
Last Race 7th, WO Claim (8/16/13-R5)
9 Horse Silk Molinaro Departure Molinaro Departure
Line Of Departure
0.00 Gregory de Gannes
Corey Fraser
5th, WO Mcl (11/11/11-R6)
Last Race 5th, WO Mcl (11/11/11-R6)
10 Horse Silk Oriental Gift Oriental Gift
0.00 Harold K Gensler
Slade Callaghan
8th, CD Mcl (6/21/12-R9)
Last Race 8th, CD Mcl (6/21/12-R9)
11 Horse Silk Widmo Widmo
0.00 W. V. Armata
Quincy K. Welch
7th, WO Mcl (12/16/12-R13)
Last Race 7th, WO Mcl (12/16/12-R13)
12 Horse Silk Doc Frost Doc Frost
Gun Power
0.00 Carlo Fuoco
David J Moran
12th, WO Mcl (9/16/11-R8)
Last Race 12th, WO Mcl (9/16/11-R8)