WO Stakes (10/11/10-R8)

Date / Track:
Post Time:
6 f (Synthetic)
Age / Sex:
2 M
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start Elixir.HRN
1 Horse Silk Bear's Peak Bear's Peak
Peaks And Valleys
0.00 Reade Baker
Patrick Husbands
6th, 2013 New Providence LS
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, 2013 New Providence LS
2 Horse Silk Altius Altius
Old Forester
5.09 Ralph J. Biamonte
David Clark
6th, WO Claim (10/12/12-R5)
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, WO Claim (10/12/12-R5)
3 Horse Silk Quintana Quintana
Where's The Ring
4.45 Reade Baker
James S. McAleney
3rd, WO Claim (6/16/12-R2)
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, WO Claim (6/16/12-R2)
4 Horse Silk Citius Citius
Old Forester
0.00 Ralph J. Biamonte
Emile Ramsammy
6th, WO Claim (10/26/14-R7)
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, WO Claim (10/26/14-R7)
5 Horse Silk Charlie Bull Charlie Bull
3.79 Scott H. Fairlie
Gerry L. Olguin
4th, Lrl Claim (7/19/15-R3)
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, Lrl Claim (7/19/15-R3)
6 Horse Silk Quarterback Quarterback
Bold Executive
0.00 Kevin Attard
Eurico Rosa Da Silva
8th, WO Claim (7/30/14-R5)
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, WO Claim (7/30/14-R5)
7 Horse Silk Explosive's Best Explosive's Best
Best Of The Bests
0.00 Glenn Magnusson
Omar Moreno
7th, WO Stakes (10/11/10-R8)
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, WO Stakes (10/11/10-R8)
8 Horse Silk Molinaro Handsome Molinaro Handsome
Line Of Departure
4.45 Ross Armata
Steven R. Bahen
3rd, WO Claim (7/15/11-R3)
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, WO Claim (7/15/11-R3)
9 Horse Silk Calius Calius
Old Forester
4.45 Harold K Gensler
Luis Contreras
7th, Tam Claim (2/3/13-R6)
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, Tam Claim (2/3/13-R6)
10 Horse Silk Who By Fire Who By Fire
Where's The Ring
0.00 Ronald A Woods
Jono C. Jones
5th, FE Claim (10/8/12-R1)
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, FE Claim (10/8/12-R1)