TP MSW (1/21/23-R5)

Date / Track:
Turfway Park
Post Time:
6 f (Synthetic)
Age / Sex:
3 F

Recent HRN Speed

Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start
1 Horse Silk Tammy Tap Tap Tap Tammy Tap Tap Tap
Candy Ride
0.00 Philip A. Bauer
Declan Cannon
3rd, 2023 Valdale LS
Last Race 3rd, 2023 Valdale LS
2 Horse Silk No Tappin Out No Tappin Out
0.00 William E. Morey
Walter Rodriguez
2nd, TP MSW (1/21/23-R5)
Last Race 2nd, TP MSW (1/21/23-R5)
3 Horse Silk Opening Act Opening Act
0.00 Wesley A. Ward
Gerardo Corrales
12th, TP MSW (2/23/23-R8)
Last Race 12th, TP MSW (2/23/23-R8)
4 Horse Silk Shewillghostu Shewillghostu
0.00 Cathal A. Lynch
John McKee
7th, 2023 Bourbonette Oaks LS
Last Race 7th, 2023 Bourbonette Oaks LS
5 Horse Silk I Had That One Too I Had That One Too
Majestic Harbor
0.00 Tim Glyshaw
Fernando De La Cruz
3rd, TP MSW (3/25/23-R13)
Last Race 3rd, TP MSW (3/25/23-R13)
6 Horse Silk Varsity Blonde Varsity Blonde
Hard Spun
0.00 Michael J. Maker
Joseph D. Ramos
9th, TP MSW (3/25/23-R13)
Last Race 9th, TP MSW (3/25/23-R13)
7 Horse Silk Lily's Home Lily's Home
0.00 Michelle Elliott
Santo Sanjur
2nd, TP Mcl (2/23/23-R6)
Last Race 2nd, TP Mcl (2/23/23-R6)
8 Horse Silk Popnfizz Popnfizz
Hard Spun
0.00 Sarah Hamilton
Jack Gilligan
8th, TP MSW (3/25/23-R6)
Last Race 8th, TP MSW (3/25/23-R6)
9 Horse Silk A Star for Cora A Star for Cora
0.00 Kim Hammond
Rafael Manuel Hernandez
9th, TP MSW (3/25/23-R6)
Last Race 9th, TP MSW (3/25/23-R6)
10 Horse Silk Icy Stare Icy Stare
0.00 John A. Hancock
Luan Machado
5th, TP Mcl (2/15/23-R6)
Last Race 5th, TP Mcl (2/15/23-R6)
11 Horse Silk Cash 'Em In Cash 'Em In
0.00 Brad H. Cox
Chris Landeros
11th, TP MSW (1/21/23-R5)
Last Race 11th, TP MSW (1/21/23-R5)
12 Horse Silk Royal Words Royal Words
Distorted Humor
0.00 Ben Colebrook
Samuel E. Bermudez
12th, TP MSW (1/21/23-R5)
Last Race 12th, TP MSW (1/21/23-R5)