SA Mcl (11/5/11-R10)

Date / Track:
Santa Anita Park
Post Time:
6 f (Dirt)
Age / Sex:
2 F
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start Elixir.HRN
1 Horse Silk Warren's Amber Warren's Amber
Broadway Moon
7.34 Jorge Gutierrez
Martin A. Pedroza
10th, 2013 B. Thoughtful RS 3-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, 2013 B. Thoughtful RS
2 Horse Silk Secret Genius Secret Genius
Beau Genius
4.59 Steve Knapp
Christian Santiago-Reyes
2nd, SA Claim (5/22/14-R6) 15-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, SA Claim (5/22/14-R6)
3 Horse Silk Mollie's Wild Cat Mollie's Wild Cat
Ministers Wild Cat
4.84 Danny Velasquez
Jose Valdivia Jr.
3rd, Hol Mcl (11/27/11-R6) 15-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, Hol Mcl (11/27/11-R6)
4 Horse Silk Fire Wise Fire Wise
4.56 Tim Yakteen
Alonso Quinonez
5th, Pid Claim (8/25/13-R6) 8-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, Pid Claim (8/25/13-R6)
5 Horse Silk Payette Payette
4.45 Vann Belvoir
Mario Gutierrez
5th, SA Mcl (11/5/11-R10) 8-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, SA Mcl (11/5/11-R10)
6 Horse Silk Here Comes Bonnie Here Comes Bonnie
4.47 James M. Cassidy
Victor Espinoza
8th, SA Claim (1/18/13-R3) 4-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, SA Claim (1/18/13-R3)
7 Horse Silk Playing Dirty Playing Dirty
Closing Argument
4.34 Dean Pederson
Daniel P. Vergara
7th, SA Mcl (11/5/11-R10) 10-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, SA Mcl (11/5/11-R10)
8 Horse Silk Elivette Elivette
Van Nistelrooy
4.59 Carla Gaines
Eswan Flores
9th, Dmr Claim (8/3/12-R8) 15-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, Dmr Claim (8/3/12-R8)
9 Horse Silk Bilbao Bilbao
Candy Ride
5.09 Carla Gaines
David R. Flores
4th, SA Str (3/31/13-R6) 3-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, SA Str (3/31/13-R6)
10 Horse Silk Casey's Rainbow Casey's Rainbow
Flashy Bull
4.59 Howard L. Zucker
Alex Bisono
5th, Hol Mcl (12/2/11-R1) 6-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, Hol Mcl (12/2/11-R1)
11 Horse Silk Gana Gata Gana Gata
4.12 Angela M Aquino
Agapito Delgadillo
5th, LRC Claim (9/25/15-R1) 30-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, LRC Claim (9/25/15-R1)
12 Horse Silk Sea of Beauty Sea of Beauty
Sea of Secrets
3.79 Peter Eurton
Kerwin John
12th, SA Mcl (11/5/11-R10) 20-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, SA Mcl (11/5/11-R10)
13 Horse Silk Just Imagine That Just Imagine That
With Distinction
3.79 Curtis Harvey
Kayla Stra
10th, Hol Mcl (11/19/11-R9) 20-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, Hol Mcl (11/19/11-R9)