Mth AlwOC (8/16/13-R9)

Date / Track:
Monmouth Park
Post Time:
1 1/16 m (Turf)
Age / Sex:
3+ F
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start Elixir.HRN
1 Horse Silk Final Escrow Final Escrow
0.00 Leigh Delacour
Elvis Trujillo
5th, 2014 Endeavour G3 6-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, 2014 Endeavour G3
2 Horse Silk Will To Shine Will To Shine
Sun King
0.00 Michael Lightner
Pedro L. Cotto Jr.
4th, GPW Claim (11/1/15-R5) 6-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, GPW Claim (11/1/15-R5)
3 Horse Silk Life's Candy Life's Candy
Candy Ride
0.00 Chad C. Brown
Forest Boyce
3rd, Mth AlwOC (8/16/13-R9) 8-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, Mth AlwOC (8/16/13-R9)
4 Horse Silk Flower Mart Flower Mart
Street Sense
0.00 Christophe Clement
Joe Bravo
5th, Tam AlwOC (2/1/15-R7) 7-2
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, Tam AlwOC (2/1/15-R7)
5 Horse Silk Cobbley's Breeze Cobbley's Breeze
Tom Cobbley
Manuel Franco
6th, Mth AlwOC (9/8/13-R6) 6-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, Mth AlwOC (9/8/13-R6)
6 Horse Silk Scenario Analysis Scenario Analysis
Exchange Rate
0.00 Chad C. Brown
Angel Serpa
6th, 2014 Claiming Crown Tiara Stakes LS 3-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, 2014 Claiming Crown Tiara Stakes LS
7 Horse Silk Little Often Anni Little Often Anni
0.00 Louis J. Cocelli Jr
Victor H. Molina
10th, Aqu Claim (11/8/15-R7) 8-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, Aqu Claim (11/8/15-R7)
8 Horse Silk Charmingmegan Charmingmegan
Dance With Ravens
0.00 Timothy J. Shaw
Carlos H. Marquez Jr.
5th, Mth AlwOC (9/8/13-R6) 15-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, Mth AlwOC (9/8/13-R6)
9 Horse Silk Senator Beck Senator Beck
Artie Schiller
4.59 Timothy A. Hills
Paco Lopez
8th, Mth AlwOC (9/8/13-R6) 10-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, Mth AlwOC (9/8/13-R6)