Kee Str (4/12/13-R3)

Date / Track:
Post Time:
6 f (Synthetic)
Age / Sex:
4+ F
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start Elixir.HRN
1 Horse Silk At The Finish At The Finish
Tactical Cat
4.39 Dale Bennett
Alejandro L. Contreras
2nd, AP AlwOC (5/19/13-R1) 7-2
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, AP AlwOC (5/19/13-R1)
2 Horse Silk Get Runnin' Get Runnin'
Lucky Lionel
0.00 Luis A Cotto
Roberto Morales
3rd, Kee Str (10/19/13-R5) 9-2
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, Kee Str (10/19/13-R5)
3 Horse Silk Won Great Damsel Won Great Damsel
0.00 Ronald S. Burch
Edgar Paucar
2nd, CD Str (11/6/13-R4) 4-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, CD Str (11/6/13-R4)
4 Horse Silk I'am Toorific I'am Toorific
Teton Forest
0.00 Ryan D. Walsh
Oriana Rossi
3rd, Pid Allow (9/21/14-R4) 30-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, Pid Allow (9/21/14-R4)
5 Horse Silk Hersilia Hersilia
Tropical Storm
0.00 Kevin Fletcher
Marcelino Pedroza Jr.
6th, 2015 Runza Stakes RS 15-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, 2015 Runza Stakes RS
6 Horse Silk Lady Of Rivendell Lady Of Rivendell
0.00 Tanya Boulmetis
Norberto Arroyo Jr.
2nd, Mnr AlwOC (8/1/16-R8) 10-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, Mnr AlwOC (8/1/16-R8)
7 Horse Silk Easter Service Easter Service
Service Stripe
0.00 Shane Meyers
Dean A. Sarvis
7th, Pim Claim (4/17/15-R9) 15-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, Pim Claim (4/17/15-R9)
8 Horse Silk La Belle Cat La Belle Cat
Tale of the Cat
0.00 Donald J. Habeeb
Leandro D. Goncalves
3rd, CD Claim (9/8/13-R7) 6-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, CD Claim (9/8/13-R7)
9 Horse Silk Sahms Song Sahms Song
0.00 Susan L Anderson
Ben Creed
7th, CD AlwOC (11/14/14-R3) 15-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, CD AlwOC (11/14/14-R3)
10 Horse Silk Sailors Pasttiime Sailors Pasttiime
0.00 J. Michael Rogers
Gabriel Saez
10th, Kee Str (4/12/13-R3) 4-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, Kee Str (4/12/13-R3)
11 Horse Silk Starmy Starmy
0.00 Wayne G. Minnock
Chris Landeros
3rd, CD Claim (6/18/15-R4) 20-1
Last Race {ordinalize(horse.last_start.finish_position)}, CD Claim (6/18/15-R4)