Kee MSW (10/23/10-R6)

Date / Track:
Post Time:
1 1/8 m (Synthetic)
Age / Sex:
2 M
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start Elixir.HRN
1 Horse Silk Animal Kingdom Animal Kingdom
8.12 Wayne M. Catalano
Robby J. Albarado
11th, 2013 Queen Anne Stakes G1
Last Race 11th, 2013 Queen Anne Stakes G1
2 Horse Silk Bonaroo Bonaroo
4.12 D. Wayne Lukas
Michael Baze
1st, Kee Claim (4/19/12-R1)
Last Race 1st, Kee Claim (4/19/12-R1)
3 Horse Silk Grind Grind
Thunder Gulch
5.85 Ian R. Wilkes
Jamie Theriot
8th, Haw Claim (10/17/15-R9)
Last Race 8th, Haw Claim (10/17/15-R9)
4 Horse Silk Private Prize Private Prize
Pure Prize
6.17 Kenneth G. McPeek
Julien R. Leparoux
5th, 2014 Conditions
Last Race 5th, 2014 Conditions
5 Horse Silk Tiz To Be Tiz To Be
0.00 George Weaver
Garrett K. Gomez
11th, Kee Claim (4/7/13-R9)
Last Race 11th, Kee Claim (4/7/13-R9)
6 Horse Silk Rockin In Dixie Rockin In Dixie
Rock Hard Ten
0.00 Chris M. Block
Jesus L. Castanon
4th, CT Claim (2/1/14-R9)
Last Race 4th, CT Claim (2/1/14-R9)
7 Horse Silk Statehood Statehood
Bluegrass Cat
4.12 Dale L. Romans
Miguel Mena
8th, LaD Claim (8/3/14-R6)
Last Race 8th, LaD Claim (8/3/14-R6)
8 Horse Silk Excessive Assault Excessive Assault
In Excess
0.00 J. Keith Desormeaux
Kent J. Desormeaux
3rd, SA AlwOC (10/18/12-R2)
Last Race 3rd, SA AlwOC (10/18/12-R2)
9 Horse Silk Signature Event Signature Event
Awesome Again
4.12 Philip J. Oliver
Frederic Lenclud
2nd, OP Claim (1/24/15-R9)
Last Race 2nd, OP Claim (1/24/15-R9)
10 Horse Silk Leftylenythelegend Leftylenythelegend
Flower Alley
0.00 Eric R. Reed
Junior Alvarado
10th, TP Mcl (1/14/11-R2)
Last Race 10th, TP Mcl (1/14/11-R2)
11 Horse Silk Scorcerer Scorcerer
Ballado's Devil
0.00 Pam L Smith
Amanda T. Tamburello
6th, CD Claim (5/25/12-R2)
Last Race 6th, CD Claim (5/25/12-R2)
12 Horse Silk Our Regards Our Regards
0.00 Gene Clabes
Jon Kenton Court
6th, TP Mcl (3/27/11-R2)
Last Race 6th, TP Mcl (3/27/11-R2)