Hol MSW (12/16/11-R5)

Date / Track:
Hollywood Park
Post Time:
6 f (Synthetic)
Age / Sex:
2 M
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start Elixir.HRN
1 Horse Silk Spirit Rules Spirit Rules
Tribal Rule
6.23 Paul G. Aguirre
Joseph Talamo
6th, 2016 Crystal Water Stakes RS 7-2
Last Race 6th, 2016 Crystal Water Stakes RS
2 Horse Silk Corner Office Corner Office
4.84 John W. Sadler
Mike E. Smith
7th, GG Claim (11/24/13-R3) 9-2
Last Race 7th, GG Claim (11/24/13-R3)
3 Horse Silk Real Conundrum Real Conundrum
Tale of the Cat
4.79 Dan L. Hendricks
Martin A. Pedroza
2nd, GG Allow (6/7/14-R9) 12-1
Last Race 2nd, GG Allow (6/7/14-R9)
4 Horse Silk Rude Bobby Rude Bobby
4.59 Martin F. Jones
Rafael Bejarano
7th, Dmr Claim (8/29/12-R4) 6-1
Last Race 7th, Dmr Claim (8/29/12-R4)
5 Horse Silk Storm Caution Storm Caution
Under Caution
4.45 Silverio Martinez
Kerwin John
5th, LRC Mcl (8/29/15-R6) 30-1
Last Race 5th, LRC Mcl (8/29/15-R6)
6 Horse Silk King's Red Journey King's Red Journey
Good Journey
4.45 Doug F. O'Neill
Corey S. Nakatani
2nd, Hol Mcl (5/13/12-R6) 12-1
Last Race 2nd, Hol Mcl (5/13/12-R6)
7 Horse Silk Dylan Donnelly Dylan Donnelly
Tribal Rule
4.84 Mike R. Mitchell
Martin Garcia
6th, Hol MSW (11/30/12-R2) 5-1
Last Race 6th, Hol MSW (11/30/12-R2)
8 Horse Silk Already There Already There
Quiet American
4.67 Peter Miller
Alonso Quinonez
6th, Lrl Mcl (4/8/22-R2) 12-1
Last Race 6th, Lrl Mcl (4/8/22-R2)
9 Horse Silk Blazing Marino Blazing Marino
Marino Marini
4.12 Mike Harrington
Joel Rosario
6th, Hol Str (5/6/12-R1) 6-1
Last Race 6th, Hol Str (5/6/12-R1)
10 Horse Silk Indicator Indicator
4.12 Eoin G. Harty
Victor Espinoza
5th, Sun Claim (3/5/13-R10) 10-1
Last Race 5th, Sun Claim (3/5/13-R10)
11 Horse Silk Caliente Cat Caliente Cat
Cat Dreams
4.34 Anthony K. Saavedra
Agapito Delgadillo
2nd, LRC Claim (8/7/15-R6) 12-1
Last Race 2nd, LRC Claim (8/7/15-R6)
12 Horse Silk Lost in the Parade Lost in the Parade
River Flyer
3.79 Ruben Gomez
Kayla Stra
1st, GG Mcl (6/12/14-R1) 30-1
Last Race 1st, GG Mcl (6/12/14-R1)