Haw Claim (12/30/12-R6)

Date / Track:
Hawthorne Race Course
Post Time:
6 1/2 f (Dirt)
Age / Sex:
3+ M
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start Elixir.HRN
1 Horse Silk Songfoya Songfoya
0.00 Robertino Diodoro
Constantino Roman
1st, Haw Claim (12/30/12-R6) 5-1
Last Race 1st, Haw Claim (12/30/12-R6)
2 Horse Silk Schillerthekiller Schillerthekiller
Artie Schiller
0.00 Tammy Domenosky
Julio E. Felix
8th, Haw Claim (11/30/13-R4) 9-2
Last Race 8th, Haw Claim (11/30/13-R4)
3 Horse Silk Enemy Fire Enemy Fire
Forest Camp
0.00 Manny Perez
Uriel A. Lopez
2nd, Haw Claim (4/9/14-R2) 20-1
Last Race 2nd, Haw Claim (4/9/14-R2)
4 Horse Silk Milwaukee Wolf Milwaukee Wolf
Milwaukee Brew
4.39 Charles Fontana
Florent Geroux
4th, AP Claim (6/12/13-R4) 6-1
Last Race 4th, AP Claim (6/12/13-R4)
5 Horse Silk Great Bam Great Bam
0.00 Louie J. Roussel III
Seth B. Martinez
7th, Haw Claim (12/26/13-R5) 7-2
Last Race 7th, Haw Claim (12/26/13-R5)
6 Horse Silk Truebill Truebill
0.00 Chris M. Block
Noel Vigil
4th, AP Claim (7/11/14-R4) 15-1
Last Race 4th, AP Claim (7/11/14-R4)
7 Horse Silk Rich City Dude Rich City Dude
Century City
5.05 Christine K. Janks
Rafael Manuel Hernandez
8th, Haw Claim (11/6/14-R9) 9-2
Last Race 8th, Haw Claim (11/6/14-R9)
8 Horse Silk Beware The Tiger Beware The Tiger
Hold That Tiger
4.56 Michael B Campbell
Joel Campbell
2nd, CD Claim (5/8/15-R5) 8-1
Last Race 2nd, CD Claim (5/8/15-R5)
9 Horse Silk One For Biscuit One For Biscuit
Crimson Classic
0.00 Ron G. Potts
Timothy Thornton
5th, Haw Claim (11/14/15-R8) 20-1
Last Race 5th, Haw Claim (11/14/15-R8)
10 Horse Silk Wildwood Heir Wildwood Heir
Wildcat Heir
0.00 Scott Becker
Alejandro L. Contreras
7th, FG Claim (1/16/15-R3) 6-1
Last Race 7th, FG Claim (1/16/15-R3)
11 Horse Silk Shedrow Hero Shedrow Hero
6.12 Christine K. Janks
Nicholas Meza
7th, AP Claim (7/25/13-R2) 15-1
Last Race 7th, AP Claim (7/25/13-R2)