GP Mcl (2/13/13-R10)

Date / Track:
Gulfstream Park
Post Time:
1 mile (Dirt)
Age / Sex:
3 F
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start Elixir.HRN
1 Horse Silk Bozique Bozique
Harlan's Holiday
0.00 Robert J. Ribaudo
Cristian Demuro
3rd, Aqu Claim (12/14/14-R9) 15-1
Last Race 3rd, Aqu Claim (12/14/14-R9)
2 Horse Silk Diamondesque Diamondesque
Any Given Saturday
0.00 Mark E. Casse
Patrick Husbands
7th, Crc Claim (8/30/13-R1) 5-2
Last Race 7th, Crc Claim (8/30/13-R1)
3 Horse Silk Classy And Serene Classy And Serene
The Green Monkey
0.00 Jose Pinchin
Luis Saez
5th, Crc AlwOC (4/27/14-R3) 8-1
Last Race 5th, Crc AlwOC (4/27/14-R3)
4 Horse Silk Stacey's Comprise Stacey's Comprise
0.00 Barry R. Rose
Mario Argueta
5th, Crc Claim (12/21/13-R5) 10-1
Last Race 5th, Crc Claim (12/21/13-R5)
5 Horse Silk Bird In The Bush Bird In The Bush
0.00 Wesley A. Ward
Jilver Chamafi
3rd, Crc Claim (5/3/14-R4) 8-1
Last Race 3rd, Crc Claim (5/3/14-R4)
6 Horse Silk Blondie Jo Blondie Jo
0.00 William P. White
Paco Lopez
10th, Tam Claim (4/6/14-R8) 4-1
Last Race 10th, Tam Claim (4/6/14-R8)
7 Horse Silk Chapel's Beauty Chapel's Beauty
Chapel Royal
0.00 Mary Hartmann
Jose L Alvarez
1st, Suf Mcl (8/26/13-R1) 6-1
Last Race 1st, Suf Mcl (8/26/13-R1)
8 Horse Silk Miss Guchi Miss Guchi
Mr. Sekiguchi
0.00 Manuel J. Wayar
Diego F. Gomez
8th, GP Mcl (2/13/13-R10) 12-1
Last Race 8th, GP Mcl (2/13/13-R10)
9 Horse Silk Captiva's Calling Captiva's Calling
Exclusive Quality
0.00 Luis Olivares
Carlos Olivero
9th, GP Claim (8/10/14-R5) 12-1
Last Race 9th, GP Claim (8/10/14-R5)
10 Horse Silk Five Lilly Five Lilly
Showing Up
0.00 David A. Vivian
Eduardo O. Nunez
4th, Crc Allow (6/21/13-R9) 20-1
Last Race 4th, Crc Allow (6/21/13-R9)
11 Horse Silk Libra Four Libra Four
0.00 Ralph Ziadie
E J Zayas Duplicate
9th, GP Claim (9/25/15-R10) 12-1
Last Race 9th, GP Claim (9/25/15-R10)
12 Horse Silk Velvet Halo Velvet Halo
Take Me Out John
0.00 Javier Negrete
Jesus Romero
8th, Tam Mcl (2/28/14-R1) 30-1
Last Race 8th, Tam Mcl (2/28/14-R1)