2016 Handicap

Date / Track:
Post Time:
1 mile (Turf)
Age / Sex:
3+ M

Recent HRN Speed

Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start
1 Horse Silk Silvery Moon Silvery Moon
0.00 Tim D. Easterby
Jason Hart
10th, 2018 Handicap
Last Race 10th, 2018 Handicap
2 Horse Silk Father Bertie Father Bertie
0.00 Tim D. Easterby
David Allan
11th, 2017 Handicap
Last Race 11th, 2017 Handicap
3 Horse Silk Finn Class Finn Class
Exceed And Excel
0.00 Michael Dods
Paul Mulrennan
6th, 2017 Handicap
Last Race 6th, 2017 Handicap
4 Horse Silk Miss Van Gogh Miss Van Gogh
Dutch Art
0.00 Richard Fahey
David Nolan
6th, 2017 Handicap
Last Race 6th, 2017 Handicap
5 Horse Silk Our Boy Jack Our Boy Jack
0.00 Richard Fahey
Adam McNamara
5th, 2016 Handicap
Last Race 5th, 2016 Handicap
6 Horse Silk Moonlightnavigator Moonlightnavigator
0.00 John Quinn
Dougie Costello
15th, 2018 Handicap
Last Race 15th, 2018 Handicap
7 Horse Silk Strong Man Strong Man
Gentleman's Deal
0.00 Michael W. Easterby
Cameron 'Cam' Hardie
7th, 2016 Handicap
Last Race 7th, 2016 Handicap
8 Horse Silk Hard To Handel Hard To Handel
0.00 David O'Meara
Phillip Makin
10th, 2017 Handicap
Last Race 10th, 2017 Handicap
9 Horse Silk Tadaany Tadaany
0.00 David O'Meara
Daniel Tudhope
7th, 2017 Handicap
Last Race 7th, 2017 Handicap
10 Horse Silk Argaki Argaki
Strategic Prince
0.00 Keith Dalgleish
Connor Beasley
12th, 2016 Handicap
Last Race 12th, 2016 Handicap
11 Horse Silk Victoire De Lyphar Victoire De Lyphar
0.00 Ruth A. Carr
James Sullivan
11th, 2016 Handicap
Last Race 11th, 2016 Handicap
12 Horse Silk Kalk Bay Kalk Bay
Hawk Wing
0.00 Michael W. Easterby
Tom Eaves
2nd, 2017 Handicap
Last Race 2nd, 2017 Handicap
13 Horse Silk Another Go Another Go
Strategic Prince
0.00 Alan Swinbank
Neil Farley
11th, 2017 Handicap
Last Race 11th, 2017 Handicap
14 Horse Silk Nicholas T Nicholas T
Rail Link
0.00 Jim S. Goldie
William Carson
13th, 2023 Heritage Handicap
Last Race 13th, 2023 Heritage Handicap