2017 Unraced Maiden

Date / Track:
Post Time:
7 1/2 f (Turf)
Age / Sex:
2 M

Recent HRN Speed

Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start
1 Horse Silk Olmedo Olmedo
Declaration of War
5.59 Jean-Claude Rouget
Cristian Demuro
6th, 2020 Cantala Stakes G1
Last Race 6th, 2020 Cantala Stakes G1
2 Horse Silk Alhadab Alhadab
4.45 Andre Fabre
Maxime Guyon
7th, 2018 Prix Vulcain LS
Last Race 7th, 2018 Prix Vulcain LS
3 Horse Silk Giovanni Dal Ponte Giovanni Dal Ponte
Holy Roman Emperor
0.00 Jean-Claude Rouget
Jefferson Smith
4th, 2018 Maiden
Last Race 4th, 2018 Maiden
4 Horse Silk Five Ice Cubes Five Ice Cubes
Rip Van Winkle
4.45 David Smaga
Stephane Pasquier
2nd, 2019 Handicap
Last Race 2nd, 2019 Handicap
5 Horse Silk Lahdan Lahdan
Style Vendome
0.00 Francois Rohaut
Francois-Xavier Bertras
4th, 2017 Maiden
Last Race 4th, 2017 Maiden
6 Horse Silk Rannan Rannan
Style Vendome
0.00 Henri-Francois Devin
Alexis Badel
6th, 2019 Handicap
Last Race 6th, 2019 Handicap
7 Horse Silk King Of Camelot King Of Camelot
0.00 Andre Fabre
Pierre-Charles Boudot
2nd, 2018 Prix Frederic de LaGrange LS
Last Race 2nd, 2018 Prix Frederic de LaGrange LS
8 Horse Silk Khochenko Khochenko
Pastoral Pursuits
4.45 Pia Brandt
Mickael Barzalona
15th, 2019 Handicap
Last Race 15th, 2019 Handicap
9 Horse Silk Naturally High Naturally High
4.79 Pascal F. Bary
Gerald Mosse
5th, 2018 Prix Niel G2
Last Race 5th, 2018 Prix Niel G2
10 Horse Silk Mister Jo Mister Jo
High Chaparral
4.45 Jean-Claude Rouget
Christophe Soumillon
6th, 2018 Conditions
Last Race 6th, 2018 Conditions
11 Horse Silk Qatar Bolt Qatar Bolt
French Fifteen
4.45 Freddie Head
Olivier Peslier
7th, 2019 Grand Prix Anjou Bretagne LS
Last Race 7th, 2019 Grand Prix Anjou Bretagne LS
12 Horse Silk Busted Ice Busted Ice
0.00 Andreas Wohler
Eduardo Pedroza
12th, 2017 Unraced Maiden
Last Race 12th, 2017 Unraced Maiden
13 Horse Silk Smart Move Smart Move
Style Vendome
0.00 Francis-Henri Graffard
Aurelien Lemaitre
15th, 2018 Handicap
Last Race 15th, 2018 Handicap
14 Horse Silk Say About It Say About It
0.00 James Stan Moore
Tony Piccone
10th, 2017 Reclamer
Last Race 10th, 2017 Reclamer
15 Horse Silk Tirage Au Sort Tirage Au Sort
0.00 Jean-Philippe Dubois
Vincent Cheminaud
15th, 2017 Unraced Maiden
Last Race 15th, 2017 Unraced Maiden
16 Horse Silk Refuseeveryoffer Refuseeveryoffer
4.45 Andreas Suborics
Theo Bachelot
5th, 2018 Conditions
Last Race 5th, 2018 Conditions