2016 Conditions

Date / Track:
Post Time:
1 3/16 m (Synthetic)
Age / Sex:
3 M
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start Elixir.HRN
1 Horse Silk Mneerah Mneerah
Giant's Causeway
0.00 Francois Rohaut
Gregory Benoist
1st, 2016 Conditions
Last Race 1st, 2016 Conditions
2 Horse Silk Echauffour Echauffour
Le Havre
4.45 Jean-Claude Rouget
Christophe Soumillon
3rd, 2018 Conditions
Last Race 3rd, 2018 Conditions
3 Horse Silk Low Sun Low Sun
Champs Elysees
0.00 Pascal F. Bary
Vincent Cheminaud
4th, 2019 Handicap
Last Race 4th, 2019 Handicap
4 Horse Silk Aztec Dreams Aztec Dreams
Oasis Dream
0.00 Andre Fabre
Pierre-Charles Boudot
2nd, 2016 Conditions
Last Race 2nd, 2016 Conditions
5 Horse Silk La Milva La Milva
Early March
0.00 Alexandre Fracas
Clement Lecoeuvre
2nd, 2018 Handicap
Last Race 2nd, 2018 Handicap
6 Horse Silk Royal Bowl Royal Bowl
Turtle Bowl
0.00 Mikel Delzangles
Thierry Thulliez
6th, 2016 Conditions
Last Race 6th, 2016 Conditions
7 Horse Silk Season Of Saints Season Of Saints
0.00 Jean-Michel Lefebvre
Ioritz Mendizabal
7th, 2016 Conditions
Last Race 7th, 2016 Conditions
8 Horse Silk Grey Caviar Grey Caviar
Air Chief Marshal
0.00 Mathieu Le Forestier
Eddy Hardouin
7th, 2016 Conditions
Last Race 7th, 2016 Conditions
9 Horse Silk Back To Bresil Back To Bresil
0.00 Stephane Wattel
Theo Bachelot
11th, 2016 Maiden Fillies'
Last Race 11th, 2016 Maiden Fillies'
10 Horse Silk Bogolan Bogolan
0.00 Dominique Darlix
Jerome Cabre
10th, 2016 Conditions
Last Race 10th, 2016 Conditions
11 Horse Silk Norosi Norosi
Excellent Art
0.00 Xavier Thomas-Demeaulte
Mickael Barzalona
11th, 2016 Conditions
Last Race 11th, 2016 Conditions
12 Horse Silk Muhtaface Muhtaface
0.00 Eric Saint-Martin
Alexis Badel
12th, 2016 Conditions
Last Race 12th, 2016 Conditions
13 Horse Silk Jawlah Jawlah
0.00 John E. Hammond
Gerald Mosse
13th, 2016 Conditions
Last Race 13th, 2016 Conditions
14 Horse Silk Princesse Ava Princesse Ava
King's Best
0.00 Sonia Delaroche
Adrien Moreau
14th, 2016 Conditions
Last Race 14th, 2016 Conditions
15 Horse Silk Sopran Rip Sopran Rip
Rip Van Winkle
0.00 Alessandro and Giuseppe Botti
Glen Braem
15th, 2016 Conditions
Last Race 15th, 2016 Conditions