2013 Belmont Stakes (G1)

6/8/2013, Belmont Park
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6:40 PM ET
1 1/2m (Dirt)
3 M

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How is Palice Malice the Rabbit wearing blinkers in the Kentucky Derby and a closerw/o blinkers in the Belmont. Pletcher is clueless.
Had a fabulous time this year! Loved getting to see all of my favorite three year olds and older horses. I took pictures, as promised. I'll attached the link to my flickr account. They're not the greatest, but I just used my iphone. Very excited to get to meet Ronnie Turcotte and Charlie Davis and get their signatures!! And I must say, Orb is EVEN MORE handsome in person. Love that horse:) Palace Malice looked pretty good too. Revolutionary is smaller than I expected. All in all fun times! Feel free to steal any pictures of your favorite horses- I made sure I got all of them.
to those that trashed Vyjacks finish in the Belmont stakes without knowing what type of trip he had. Thoro graph came out with their final speed figures for the belmont . malice ran 1/2. oxbow and orb basicalyy ran a 2 1/2. the next fastest figure went to Vyjack. he ran a 3 1/2. for those not familiar,the lower the number the faster the horse.these numbers ,similar to the ragozin numbers. they take all variables into consideration. weight,groundloss and variant of the track condition.1 sheet point is equivalent to appx. 1 1/4 length on the track.since they all ran with the same weight, that is not a factor. so inreality,although Vyjack finished about 4 lengths behind orb and oxbow.his wide trip puts him about 1 length off.to those that pooh pooh these numbers.i know for a fact that shug uses the thoro graph sheets and many other trainers do also. many use the ragozin sheets as well it is a concept widely accepted in the racing game.so when i call you clueless,i am not talking about your knowledge and history of the game.i am talking about looking at it and being able to analyze it properly.
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  • travel_vic · late movers, by the very nature of their running style, PUT themselves in a position to have to come around fields of decelerating horses and CREATE most of their own problems · 3519 days ago
  • Lisa111 · Vyjack did have a very wide trip for at least 9 straight furlongs. I don't believe Vyjack ever stopped being a great horse, he just stopped being a contender in the races he has been in lately. Lets get him back on the track, 9-9.5 lengths, after a good rest and see where he goes from there. · 3519 days ago
alot is being made of the so called "slow time" of this years derby.there is an old saying."time only means something if you are serving a prison term". why can't people just accept horses for their accomplishments.why do we always have to compare them to past horses.oh yeah. i get it ,it makes for good chatter.that is fine,but somewhere along the line winners get shortchanged.the only thing that matters in regards to the palace yesterday,is that he destroyed the horses he ran against.nobody and i mean nobody had a viable excuse for not winning.if i owned a 3yo, i could care less if he went 2:33 and won the belmont.it sure beats getting clocked in 2:28 and losing.
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  • travel_vic · track changed so much between Friday and the drying out race...Still biased early · 3520 days ago
  • Sullivan · Have a good time, travel_vic? · 3520 days ago
Okay this is my official final picks lol Normal Conditions: Palace Malice, Oxbow, Revolutionary, Incognito/Giant Finish. If it’s sloppy I’ll throw in Golden Soul the last two. Tosses: Vyjack, Midnight Taboo, Unlimited Budget, Will Take Charge, Orb, Overanalyze, Frac Daddy, and Freedom Child.
Belmont ground will be dry, and those horse experince win in a wet ground like sloppy going, have little chance to do the same running in the dry track, so Orb did'nt do well in Preakness, and badly beaten by oxbow by 9 lengths, it shows that he is not good at dry going although he won last 2 races before derby in dry going by JV, it was 1-1/8 miles race, did'nt won easily , he was lucky in the derby because of wet grounds, some other horses migjht not like wet grounds, so he won that race, but in belmont stakes is different than other 2 big races, i will consider Freedom Child although he won in the sloppy track but that win is very very impressive, he won last 1/16th of a mile just by hand riding, he was going away and away from the rest of the fields, timing was'nt too bad, 1-1/8 miles, his timing was 1-49, where as Orb timings in Florida derby (dry track) 1-1/8 miles was 1.51 sec, he just won not as surprisingly as Freedom Child did in Petar Pan? so i select Freedom Child, Oxbow, Revolutionary ,Golden Soul and Unlimited Budget.
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  • likin sparks · Wouldn't it be something to get the three O's in 1-2-3 order? haha · 3524 days ago
  • illhaveanothertriplecrown · I bet on Palice Malice and Orb as I posted on Friday and made a nice little chunk of change. 2 for 3 this triple crown season. making for a nice summer · 3521 days ago
This years Triple Crown series was terrible. I think the best three yr old won the Debry, Oxbow stole the Preakness and who know is Palace Malice will beat these horses again.
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  • vodkak · Smarty; kind of obvious you must have lost all your TC bets....lol · 3521 days ago
  • bettorthanlucky · I will agree that I was disappointed by the quality of horses this year... I thought they were better before the Triple Crown... If there was a great horse in this bunch he would've easily won the Triple Crown... That was apparent to me watching yesterday's "gasp-fest"... I thought Orb was the best three year old but if you count all of the races I would have to say Oxbow is the better horse right now... If you believe the Derby was a throw out for many of the horses I believe Verrazano will still have something to say about best three year old by the year's end... · 3521 days ago
well another triple crown series has past us by.the thankful thing is that there were no obvious incidents,except for a few tired puppies all came out of the series in good order.i posted prior to the race,that never being a fan of palace malaice,i thought he was the horse to beat in the belmont stakes.watching his 2 workouts prior to the belmont,you could see the power and energy he was moving with.to sum up the series at this point.although as i said all along,there are about 5 or 6 that are as good as each other.the trip and self condition of the race will determne the winner.that being said,ORBOW has shown to be the best of the 3 yos' to date.he ran galliant in the derby on a brutal surface that you could see he hated.he destroyed them in the preakness.came back yesterday at 1 1/2 miles to contest the pace and only get beaten by 1 horse who just ran a monster race.one thing this tells us.it will be a fun summer and fall.assuming they all are healthy enough to come back.the jim dandy,haskell and travers will prove to be eyecatchers.
I think Rev. could win the race, Lukas is lucky with several horses could pull a double, Golden Soul came in second could easily win it(but the rider)and who knows what Freedom Child will do.....But this is one long race and anything can happen, so Vyjack or Fac daddy are my pic on top
Its funny to see the impact we have on our toddlers as they grow. My son will be 2 in Aug. I have TVG on a lot during the weekends, and as he's grown he's paid attention. However, since we took him to the LA Derby- and he witnessed me jumping up and down and screaming when Rev and Mylute hooked up in the stretch.. he has become much, MUCH more interactive & animated during racing. Now when TVG is on, and he sees a horse (any horse) rounding the turn into the stretch- he will start jumping up and down, hollering until they hit the wire. Once they are under the wire, he will clap and cheer for a moment. Its cute. I can't wait to take him back to the track this next season, now that he's found his "voice".
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  • zxswordxz · Track Condition Change - I'm going with Orb, Revolutionary, Palace Malice, Oxbow/Freedom Child . · 3522 days ago
  • yukichan · Will reinvest some of my pick 3 winnings with a Orb, WTC, PM, Overanalyze exacta box · 3522 days ago
Gonna take a chance this year: 1st- Frac Daddy, 2nd- Golden Soul, 3rd- Revolutionary, 4th- Orb
What's the difference between a sloppy and muddy track? I knoow what each means but what difference does it make for the horses?
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  • Sullivan · Damn · 3523 days ago
  • jmac500 · That's false the radar shows nothing near the track and the rain is moving off the coast. · 3523 days ago
belmont pace today.all are rightfully talking freedom child and oxbow.the wild card now because frac daddy.mcpeek has gone on record as saying the horse does not like dirt in his face.THE JOKER in the deck is midnight taboo.everyone has called repole greedy for running.maybe he has a plan.in overanalyze and the filly he has 2 horses that will be coming off the pace.why not throw in a 6 furlong rabbit to help their chances.heres hoping to common sense and a brutal pace duel.
brilliant clear sun shine in the big apple.should stay like this.great chance will be a fast track by 6 pm
toni arias von hohenzollern.. "genetic problem you".. consulting alvarado... albarado. vendeta belmont park "v" blue blelmont.
awesome again... is better "semental"..u.s.a... butt 12 furlons is problem I.M.C.... & potenza beyer.. metri.. is problem "oxbow"..best horse butt... 12 furlons caro.. "hams ben jhonson"
your opinion.. peter pan is belmont.. vedi calcio serie "a".. serie "b".. 13 1/4 "serie b".. ok ?.. toni arias von hohenzollern. serie "a" calcio..oxbow..golden soul... serie mba non calcio "orb"..."understain"?.. the problem is preparation.. trainers.. golden is horse from 12 furlons 14.. noné per sei.. vedi imagine sull mio face.. photo..traimng is incredible.."orrible".. ok ?... "espectrofotometria mosculare".. vedi hams de "algarrub el etiope é de ben jhonson".. understain ?.. domani fussili con mandorle. "little italy... é trompette della morte... vedi. mr. pletcher 5/1.. better from belmont its my lucky day.. noné "florida house"..luglio U.S.A. "touch of class new traimnig".
i have changed my selection for the Belmont after watching the report of workouts on drf, my new selection will be. 1.Freedom Child,2.Orb, 3. Golden Soul, 4th Giant Finish (long shot) and oxbow.
Freedom Child has very good chance to capture the Belmont Stakes, along with Over Analyze, Vyzack and Golden Soul, Palace Malice in the derby lead all the way and then tired very badly, it does'nt suggest that he can not hold 1-1/2 mile distance like the way he did i the derby, so for this reason, i struck him out, Revolutionary came 3rd in the derby with Calvin Borel , now they put Castellino who did not took the mount on him in the derby, so i think that he is not sure that REVOLUTIONARY is good enough for the derby, so there is a question mark why he chose other horse in the derby? for this reason i also struck him out from my selection. there will be an upset winner in the Belmont Stakes this year.
Regardless of track condition I'm going with three horses I think can get the 12 furlongs. Golden Soul,Palace Malice and Will Take Charge.

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