2011 Florida Derby (G1)

4/3/2011, Gulfstream Park
Post Time:
5:42 PM ET
1 1/8 m (Dirt)
3 M

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He has the running style to win this derby with a clean trip...
With each passing prep, Uncle Mo just keeps looking better and better...
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  • janejumbo · We'll know whether the FD was overhyped when the times of the ARK D, the SA Derby and the Wood come in. I think the times for those races will be a bit faster than the FD, except for perhaps the ARK D. · 4321 days ago
  • 12 Clip · I have to agree. The Florida Derby didn't look so good after the final times came in 1:50 and change, with a closing eighth in 14.0, is average at best. But one thing I noticed as I scoped each horse brfore the race, was that none of them looked that good before the race. Flashpoint was throwing his head around, behaving badly. Soldat was sweating and looked kind of rank parading around. The two best looking horses were Dialed In and To Honor and Serve. Both were dry, with shiny coats, ears pricked up, big eye-balls, looking alert. Dialed In was more mellow than THAS, and that probably helped on a hot, muggy day. I can't remember what Shackleford looked like, because I completely tossed him out. I think the humidity got to Soldat. When he won his allowance race and the FOY they were both run in the winter when it's nice and cool, ideal conditions for a horse to run. It's starting to heat up in Florida. The one thing I do like about horses like Dialed in, Shackleford, Soldat and Mucho Macho Mon is they've had three prep races so farand each has had a bounce race. For MMM, Soldat, THAS, they now have 5 weeks to regroup and be at their best for The Derby. I watched the way Shackleford galloped out and he looked more impressive doing it than Dialed In. I don't think the winner of the Kentucky Derby is coming from the Florida Derby this year, but Shackleford has a ring to it. It sounds like a derby winning name. · 4321 days ago
as i said before Dialed In is going to win the florida derby, and to day i put 500.00 dollars bet on him and i won $1950.00 thank you Mr. Zito, you are superb abd i believe you.
Stay tuned for Zito to dial up another FL Derby win with Dialed in! It's gunna be a great one!
gulfstream favors speed, but Soldat will have comany this time, look for To honor and Serve to win, holding off Dialed In late.
1/6,8/6,8 triple with 2,7 Superfecta.Rearrange for modest price bet.
come on dialed in win win win....
Soldat is the one I'll be watching. If he goes wire to wire again, from post position #1, Uncle Mo had better get ready for the Kentucky Derby. GO SOLDAT :)
I am bouncing between Stay Thirsty and Bowman's Causeway in the Florida Derby. So hard to tell sometimes. N
I've been following flashpoint his past two previous races...In new york, he beat a overwhelming 1-4 shot with ease and he did the same exact thing at the hutchenson. Both races where in the hand and going away. I think he steps up and wins this race. Plus, if he does..Flashpoint and Soldat and Uncle Mo will be getting major money laid on them for the Derby. Soldat and Flashpoint are getting MAJOR money laid on them for the FLA Derby on sunday. Oh yea, I was at the FLA Derby last year and I did have $60 on Ice Box.
Replanning...diner still @ Ft. Lauderdale Beach, but roughly 24 hours BEFORE the race, not a celebration thereafter! Promisses to be sunny, warm, fast and fun!!
This race is wide open, what a great field!!!:)
Wow....what a line-up! It will be so fun to watch this one. The likely KD winner is coming from Florida! I'm thinkin' it's gonna be Dialed In....what do you think?
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  • bigbrown2332 · I think Bowmans Causeway should run a big one. This field is coming up very tough so it's hard to say where he'll finish but it shouldn't be far behind. To Honor And Serve won't be as short but I still don't think he's as fit as he should be, but he'll run better this time. Soldat is very hard to fault, but it looks like a great race and we will learn a lot from it. · 4325 days ago
  • blooy · i like to honor and serve, stay thirsty and flash point. · 4325 days ago
morning line: soldat 9-5, THAS 4-1, flashpoint 6-1, dialed in 8-1, stay thirsty 8-1, other three all 20-1
i have a great respect his sire MINESHAFT whom i saw his race that is unbelievable, so strong and such a stamina only Northern Dancer had thaty.
his trainer Zito once commented that DIALED IN is the best horse right now that America ever seen.
Dialed In what he did in the Holy Bull, is very easy with hand riding, he could have galloped faster than 1.35.19 sec but he has lot of yds, in hand, i challenge anybody who thinks dialed in is not going to be florida derby winner, he will just walk the florida derby.
correction dialed in is 2-1
Don't under estimate Arch Traveler he came home in his last race at the same time as Soldat. He has had some nice works coming into this.
my 1st choice was dialed in, but after seeing the uae derby, where Master of Haunds ran a superb race beaten by nose, and the Soldat last nov, in BC juv.Trf-G2 race Soladat came 2nd and in the same race Master of Hounds cam 6th position, and if i weigh that race , it looks that soldat has quite a talent, but i have'nt seen any work out of Dialed In yet, Sweet Ducky raced with Dialed In, and came 2nd behind Dialed In in Holly Bull beaten by 1-1/2 length, also Sweet Ducky is done nothing in UAE Derby, is placed 6th or 7th. in that respect i can't see how Dialed In will beat Soldat in Florida Derby . if Dialed In beat soldat in Florida Derby, then he has a chance in the kentucky derby.

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