Kaidhicksii Silks


User Since: 9/8/2018
Racing interest:
Suffolk Downs
First track attended:
Belmont Park
About me/racing interests:
I'm currently a senior at Xaverian Brothers High School. Among storytelling, animating, beyblading, running, machines, and a vast array of other stuff, horse racing is one of my most favorite things, and easily my most favorite sport, and the thoroughbred is my favorite animal. So much that I'm actually working on a mini-series called Sons of Eclipse, which first takes place in 2016 focusing on the fictional 'What-If' lives of Nyquist, Arrogate and Songbird, with a mobile app of the same name to follow at some point in time.

How did I get into racing?
I first got into racing when my parents brought me into our living room to watch California Chrome make his run at the Triple Crown back in 2014, which I vaguely remember. From there, I gained horse racing fever; I received the 'Secretariat' DVD on Christmas Day right after my birthday the night before. I got a plush of said horse when my dad took me to see American Pharoah win the Triple Crown a year later; the first horse race I've ever been to. 2016 came, and I formed a mental bond with Nyquist, when I watched that horse win at Churchill Downs, thus calling my first Kentucky Derby winner. And it was around this time that I discovered HRN: I knew that I had to join. Most recently there was 2018, where I predicted right after the Santa Anita Derby that Justify would win the Triple Crown, and as I was in Florida visiting my grandma, I saw that I was right once again, and I hope to see many more of them in my lifetime.

Favorite racing moment?
As difficult as it is to pick any racing moment(s) over Secretariat's 1973 Triple Crown sweep, I just have to go with Nyquist's win in the 2016 Kentucky Derby. There is just something about that horse that, when I first saw him, made me feel instantly connected with him, as if that were me in another body. I cannot explain it. All I know is that whenever I rewatch that race, it is with a lot of emotion, because when it gets to the point where he hits the finish line, it feels like that at the same time, it was me right along with him.