Jmac500 Silks


User Since: 5/25/2011
Racing interest:
Triple Crown/Breeders Cup Races, Handicapping, and seeing how horses develop.
About me/racing interests:
I'm 30 years old and I have been a fan since I was a kid. My love for all aspects of horse racing especially handicapping has grown more every year. I'm a new type of fan because I study everything leading up to a race and what each horse can do. I also bring a sense of youth to the sport which it desperately needs to keep it alive.

How did I get into racing?
I've always loved horses and horse racing but winning big at the track helped me get into it in a larger capacity.

Favorite racing moment?
There is just to many to name but If I had to decide I would have to go with Smarty Jones trying to win the Triple Crown and Animal Kingdom winning the Kentucky Derby.