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User Since: 10/2/2011
Racing interest:
Asking a racing lover that question is a bit silly. What is NOT an interest?
First track attended:
Calder at 15.
Newark, Delaware
About me/racing interests:
I have spent the majority of my life involved in one way or another with the Sport of Kings. No sport gets into your blood like horse racing. I cannot imagine life being as joyous without knowing that a trip to the races, the Triple Crown, or the Breeders Cup is right around the corner. :)

How did I get into racing?
Initially, a friend. She and I had grown up together in Florida. She snuck me in at 15 to Calder, where I saw my first races. At 17, my family moved back to my native Delaware. My friend was an excercise rider. She shipped up from Florida with an outfit, called me up, and I spent my first summer after high school hanging around the back and frontside of Delaware Park. That was all it took. I was hooked. I spent that first Fall/Winter in college, but once that first year was finished, I hoofed it right back to the track, had a great summer, and much to my parents chagrin, I never looked back. I was a hot walker, a groom, a jocks spouse, then I spent many years as a mutuel teller. But I was always an enthusiast first and foremost. From a nicking pattern, to a bad ride, a green finish, watching for a hot horse discrepancy in the pools, All Weather courses, blushing and being blown away seeing the intense spectacle of a stallion covering a mare, stupid purse money only on a NY entry scratching at the gate, Vet wrap, New Bolton, the best way to get silks clean, calculating the cost of a tri wheel, still pissing and moaning about a streamlined BC, was Alydar killed for the insurance, hating the smell of DMSO, scouring Euro stats for the next Hasili starter, soooo basically whatever the subject may be, I know about it, care about it, or have an opinion about it. It's sick actually. Ask me about my bathtub soaked and warped Blood Horse mags. LOL!

Favorite racing moment?
There are many, but I have two that never fade, and are riveted into my memory. Cigars win @ Belmont in the 1995 BC Classic. I LOVE him, that splendid horse that had so many of us jonesin' for his next competitive step onto the track. On that day I was lucky enough to see him win. And along for the experience of that day was my oldest brother, of whom I love, who lives in Manhattan, (30 years) and had never seen a live race in his life. We crushed @ the windows, he had a blast, and the rainbow over the track after the Classic as Cigar was led into the Winners Circle was priceless. My second favorite moment is the 1990 BC Sprint. Cocky Euro jock Willie Carson ran his mouth for days before the race about how unbeatable Dayjur was, only to get stuck eating a generous helping of crow after Safely Kept eyeballed him the whole way, and he loses to her for jumping a shadow. I still chuckle at the remembrance of that race.