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View Details06/10/23Bel201 1/2mD03 M    0:00.00
View Details05/20/23Pim201 3/16 mD03 M    0:00.00
View Details05/06/23CD201 1/4 mD03 M    0:00.00
View DetailsView Video06/11/22Bel111 1/2mD03 M Mo DonegalNestSkippylongstocking2:28.28
View DetailsView Video05/21/22Pim131 3/16 mD03 M Early VotingEpicenterCreative Minister1:54.54
View DetailsView Video05/07/22CD121 1/4 mD03 M Rich StrikeEpicenterZandon0:00.00
View DetailsView Video06/05/21Bel111 1/2mD03 M Essential QualityHot Rod CharlieRombauer2:27.11
View DetailsView Video05/15/21Pim131 3/16 mD03 M RombauerMidnight BourbonMedina Spirit1:53.62
View DetailsView Video05/01/21CD121 1/4 mD03 M MandalounHot Rod CharlieEssential Quality2:01.02
View DetailsView Video10/03/20Pim111 3/16 mD03 M Swiss SkydiverAuthenticJesus' Team1:53.28
View DetailsView Video09/05/20CD141 1/4 mD03 M AuthenticTiz the LawMr. Big News2:00.61
View DetailsView Video06/20/20Bel101 1/8 mD03 M Tiz the LawDr PostMax Player1:46.53
View DetailsView Video06/08/19Bel111 1/2mD03 M Sir WinstonTacitusJoevia2:28.30
View DetailsView Video05/18/19Pim131 3/16 mD03 M War of WillEverfastOwendale1:54.34
View DetailsView Video05/04/19CD121 1/4 mD03 M Country HouseCode of HonorTacitus2:03.93
View DetailsView Video06/09/18Bel111 1/2mD03 M Justify GronkowskiHofburg 2:28.18
View DetailsView Video05/19/18Pim131 3/16 mD03 M Justify Bravazo Tenfold1:55.93
View DetailsView Video05/05/18CD121 1/4 mD03 M Justify Good MagicAudible2:04.20
View DetailsView Video06/10/17Bel111 1/2mD03 M TapwritIrish War CryPatch2:30.02
View DetailsView Video05/20/17Pim131 3/16 mD03 M Cloud ComputingClassic EmpireSenior Investment1:55.98
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Upon the completion of today's race, the Triple Crown finishes consisted of eight different horses finishing in the money. What is the rarity of that occurring? Would this be a testimonial to the fact that this particular crop of horses might be somewhat below par? I guess that the question(s) that I have, might be something that Laz could provide some insight to, so, Laz, what are your thoughts?
  • Sullivan · Reminds me greatly of the 2011 3yo crop who found their best stride as older horses, winning the Met Mile, Dubai World Cup, and other big races · 3165 days ago
  • CauseForConcern · Nice comparison, Cocoa. Now, to complete the logic, this bunch has to begin to find their best stride. Good luck on their future endeavors. · 3164 days ago
Alrighty gang, please give me some help here. One of my hobbies is playing the piano and yesterday I was asked by an old family friend who's a school principal to play Pomp and Circumstance and all that at his High School's graduation since the musician they had lined up was in a car wreck. A graduation that's the afternoon of the Belmont, talk about last minute and since I knew they guy I couldn't say no. So here's my dilemma. I've figured that I can make it to the McDonald's one street over in time to catch the race on my laptop (what did we do before free Wifi?), but I have no idea what site I could watch the race on, for free and I'm worried by the time I get it figured out the race will be over. If anyone could post a link on this thread of where I could go to watch the race, I'd love you forever. Thanks guys!
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  • Age of Reason · Jay S., I'm afraid the original musician really was in a legit car wreck. I've seen pictures of it on Facebook, and the driver's side of her Toyota Tundra was pretty much demolished so I'm just glad she is ok. Amdaman, thanks so much for the link! I've bookmarked it for quick access on Saturday. Like someone else has posted this week, I'll be one of a large number of adults who will be fighting back tears if California Chrome wins, so hopefully the other McDonald's customers won't be looking out of the corners of their eyes at me thinking · 3166 days ago
  • Age of Reason · (comment got cut off)...looking out of the corners of their eyes at me thinking "What is wrong with you?!" · 3166 days ago
I need some help with a college class I am taking. I posted about it awile ago, but now I need people to take a survey. If you could help, that would be great. I will have no way of knowing who took it. It's only ten questions. Here's the link: If it doesn't work, would someone please let me know. Thanks in advance.
Glad it's finally over, I am emotionally drained
What countries graded stakes count towards elgibility?