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View Details06/06/20Bel191 1/2mD03 M    0:00.00
View Details05/16/20Pim191 3/16 mD03 M    0:00.00
View Details05/02/20CD191 1/4 mD03 M    0:00.00
View Details05/01/20CD191 1/8 mD03 F    0:00.00
View Details04/11/20OP201 1/8 mD03 M    0:00.00
View Details04/11/20Kee201 1/16 mD03 M    0:00.00
View Details04/10/20OP181 1/16 mD03 F    0:00.00
View Details04/05/20Kee187 fD03 F    0:00.00
View Details04/04/20Kee201 1/8 mD03 M    0:00.00
View Details04/04/20SA201 1/8 mD03 M    0:00.00
View Details04/04/20SA181 1/16 mD03 F    0:00.00
View Details04/04/20Aqu201 1/8 mD03 M    0:00.00
View Details04/04/20Aqu181 1/8 mD03 F    0:00.00
View Details04/04/20Kee181 1/16 mD03 F    0:00.00
View Details03/28/20GP181 1/16 mD03 F    0:00.00
View Details03/28/20Mey301 3/16 mD03 M    0:00.00
View Details03/28/20Mey191 1/4 mD03+ M    0:00.00
View Details03/28/20GP301 1/8 mD03 M    0:00.00
View Details03/22/20Sun181 1/16 mD03 F    0:00.00
View Details03/21/20FG181 1/16 mD03 F    0:00.00
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incredible racehorse and he competition that was really monstrous> Forego, Linda's Chief and the same Secretariat, the offspring of this great horse aserved in Argentina, led to the mare Blues for sale, mother of the current champion Blue prize
nice move turf
What kind of a name is that for a filly????????????
nothing really special he just ran that timing in is 2 races still sharp nothing to boots up yet
11/7 - 3F in 35.80B ... 1/3
11/12 - 4F in 49.96B ... 2/9
I have to continuously laugh every time a top rated Horse is retired and the connections are called Greedy. Just the insurance premiums to race a Super Star are a major deterant. Also what is wrong with that old concept of cashing in your chips.
What I don’t get is why Omaha Beach isn’t running in the Cigar. Omaha running here instead of the Malibu makes more sense for many reasons. 1. The mile distance suits Omaha better for a set up run for the Pegasus. I don’t think Omaha is a sprinter and don’t know why they are keeping him sprinting now that he’s had a tough mile race under his belt already and is more fit 2. No matter what Omaha does- if Max wins the cigar mile he wins 3 year old honors. BUT if Omaha goes to the cigar mile and wins he will win three year old honors. 3. If Omaha loses, he has the excuse that his big target is the Pegasus anyways not the cigar, and a loss isn’t going to change his stud interest. Omaha has way more to gain than to lose by going in the cigar mile. His stud deal is already set and he already has a lot of interest from breeders. Losing won’t cost him but winning will help him
  • haveacigar · I was hoping OB and Max Would meet on the track more than once, now it looks like the Pegasus might be the only one. · 15 hours ago
Likely to be a shorter distance speedy horse, this guy makes his start for Baffert on Weds. My bud in Cali really liked his work the other day.
Cox Plate at 10 furlongs on October 26th......back in 10 days going 2 miles in the Melbourne Cup, and then back in 4 days winning a Group 1 going a mile and a quarter. Who said they don't make them like the used to?
  • BeastBob via Disqus · That's non-lasix turf. On turf, the horse didn't have to run hard until the final few furlongs. And no lasix means fast recovery between races. · 14 hours ago
Hope they can find a 1 1/4 mile Allowance race for him somewhere, I think that's what he needs
Draft Pick worked 6f, Nov 11th, in 1:13.60 (h) finishing 1/6
High Velocity worked 5f, Nov 11th, in 1:00.40 (hg) finishing 3/40
Itsinthepost worked 4f, Nov 11th, in 50.20 (h) finishing 2/6
Ritzy A. P. worked 4f, Nov 11th, in 50.40 (h) finishing 37/45
A Thread of Blue worked 4f, Nov 11th, in 48.85 (b) finishing 5/11
U S Navy Cross worked 3f, Nov 11th, in 37.45 (b) finishing 3/9
Honor A. P. worked 5f, Nov 11th, in 59.20 (H) finishing 1/14
Go Google Yourself worked 6f, Nov 11th, in 1:14.00 (b) finishing 1/1