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Race Results & Past Performances

View DetailsView Video06/11/22Bel91 mileD03+ M Flightline Happy SaverSpeaker's Corner1:33.59
View DetailsView Video06/05/21Bel91 mileD03+ M Silver State By My StandardsMischevious Alex1:35.45
View DetailsView Video07/04/20Bel91 mileD03+ M Vekoma Network EffectCode of Honor1:32.88
View DetailsView Video06/08/19Bel91 mileD03+ M MitoleMcKinzieThunder Snow1:32.75
View DetailsView Video06/09/18Bel91 mileD03+ M Bee Jersey Mind Your BiscuitsLimousine Liberal1:33.13
View DetailsView Video06/10/17Bel91 mileD03+ M Mor SpiritSharp AztecaTommy Macho1:33.71
View DetailsView Video06/11/16Bel91 mileD03+ M FrostedAnchor DownUpstart1:32.73
View DetailsView Video06/06/15Bel91 mileD03+ M Honor CodeTonalistPrivate Zone1:33.18
View DetailsView Video06/07/14Bel91 mileD03+ M Palace MaliceGoldencentsRomansh1:33.56
View DetailsView Video05/27/13Bel101 mileD03+ M Sahara SkyCross TrafficFlat Out1:34.17
View DetailsView Video05/28/12Bel101 mileD03+ M ShacklefordCaleb's PosseTo Honor and Serve1:33.32
View DetailsView Video05/30/11Bel101 mileD03+ M TizwayRodmanCaixa Eletronica1:32.90
View DetailsView Video05/31/10Bel101 mileD03+ M Quality RoadMusket ManTizway1:33.11
View DetailsView Video05/25/09Bel101 mileD03+ M BribonSmooth AirDriven by Success1:34.15
View DetailsView Video05/26/08Bel101 mileD03+ M Divine ParkCommentatorLord Snowdon1:36.91
View Details05/28/07Bel81 mileD03+ M CorinthianPolitical ForceLawyer Ron1:34.77
View Details05/29/06Bel81 mileD03+ M Silver TrainSun King Mass Media1:34.27
View DetailsView Video05/30/05Bel91 mileD03+ M GhostzapperSilver WagonSir Shackleton1:33.29
View DetailsView Video05/31/04Bel91 mileD03+ M Pico CentralBowman's BandStrong Hope1:35.47
View DetailsView Video05/26/03Bel91 mileD03+ M AldebaranSaarlandPeeping Tom1:34.15
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Older Comments about the Metropolitan ...

A little surprised about the bottom four finishers of this race. I didn't pick them to win but they were: Vyjack, Normandy Invasion, Capo Bastone, Moreno.
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  • UnionRagsRules · What's the big deal with Legend? It takes a little while to settle in, as does Adequan. · 3104 days ago
  • goblin · URR, It is a hyaluronic acid preparation, and they are not permitted less than 48 hrs. before a race. I guess the Central Banker people missed the deadline; the Legend is not shown on the med sheet submitted yesterday. · 3104 days ago
Really difficult race for Malice. I've been saying forever, this is not his distance ... the post hurts ... REAL world class milers like Goldencents, Normandy Invasion and Moreno ... having to run 1f shorter (if not more) than he would like .... with that said, you know who I am taking. I am taking a horse who is attempting (throughout the course of the year) to garner the title "great". I think he'll be primed to run here by Mr. Pletcher, and I think he is simply a tremendous horse who will get the job done, no matter how many obstacles are in his way. I'm picking Palace Malice to win the Met Mile. Goldencents, Moreno and Normandy Invasion to follow.
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  • amino998 · Whoever is underrating ekindy, please stand up! · 3104 days ago
  • rafirox · I've just noticed some very good, consistently insightful comments from ekindy for quite some time. Amino. What did you mean with your last comment? I was not comparing him to either of those greats ... · 3104 days ago
This looks like it could be a monster race. I am just about as excited for this as Belmont. A lot of horses I enjoy watching like Vyjack, Capo Boston are in there but my real issue is who do pull for Palice Malice or Goldencents? My two favorite active horses that I dont own or have shares of are running against eachother. What a great day of racing this is going to be.
  • Sullivan · Social Inclusion vs. Palace Malice vs. Goldencents vs. Vyjack vs. Capo Bastone vs. Shakin it Up... looks quality to me · 3119 days ago
When NYRA first announced that they were moving this great race and adding it to the Belmont Stakes card i was happy. Since i have had time to think about it, i find it a terrible and disrespectful idea. My initial joy was a knee jerk reaction to a deeper race card on Belmont Day. Excluding the Triple Crown Series and the Breeders Cup Classic run every year. The Met Mile in my opinion is one of the 3 Premiere races to be run in the United States. It always draws a nice big field and a very strong one at that. Divirsity is rampant,from top sprinters to Milers to Distance horse cutting back. To win this race,a horse must be incredibly on his or her game. You do not steal the Met Mile,you earn it. As i mentioned ,i live around 20 minutes from Belmont Park. I do not go there anywhere near the amount of times others would go if they were in my position. Maybe i take it for granted,or really do not care that much for live racing. If i am going to sit down for 5 hours and play. I would rather have a menu of more options. That being said,The Met Mile was always a must to go to.The tradition of being run on Memorial Day is still fresh in my mind. As i reflect more,NYRA has taken a Gem of a Stand Alone Race and made it an undercard feature. Regardless of what he public thinks,New York is not really a live racing City. Even the Belmont Stakes,unless there is a Triple Crown on the line. The crowds are dissapointing in comparison to other venues. Even the Met Mile when run on Memorial Day was not heavily attended. From a buisiness sense,the move does make a lot of sense. But the Met now becomes a back up singer for the Front man(THE BELMONT STAKES) . Assuming there is no Triple Crown on the line,mark my words. The Met will hardly be an insentive for New Yorkers to go out to the track.At the risk of being labelled an Arrogant New Yorker,which many seem to love the tag. There are just to many things to do during that time,than hang around the track for 6 hours. If you do not believe me,review 2 days run in NY with and incredible menu of racing and Superstars. The Jockey Gold Cup Day and the Cigar Mile Day. On JCGC day,the weather was magnificent,yet 9,000 showed up in a city whose surrounding population nears 11 million people. Then on Cigar day,on a nice November day. Only 5,000 showed up. Like i said,for buisiness it makes sense. But not worth it if you are scrificing a Statuesque race like The Met Mile.
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  • tmallios1 · Thanks Jay and right back at ya pal. Weather is warming up,assuming you are on the bike more. Also is WTC running at Oak. in the next couple of weeks? · 3171 days ago
  • Jay S. · tom, the bike is about to start getting a serious workout. I'm hoping I can make it to the track to see WTC but, unfortunately I think I'm gonna be out of town. We'll see. · 3171 days ago
does anyone have a link to where i can watch the action from Belmont Park? i tried with DRF but no success.
Jimmy Creed out of Met Mile according to DRF....
As of now Discreet Dancer looks formidable in Met Mile
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  • jinlie01 · Just shows that this is a competitive wide open affair. Hoping to get 6-1 or higher on DD. · 3484 days ago
  • On The Gallop's · At A mile...MMM will eat these horses. · 3484 days ago
I see the race last year as how the Preakness will end.
Tizway to win + Ex Wheel Tizway over Soaring Empire, Aikenite, Caixa Electronica
Aikenite / Tiznow / Haynesfield Tri-Box
I just put up a new Met Mile poll ... Vote now on the Zipse at the Track blog!
The Met Mile is a joke The Factor is going to go off at 1-5. Good job Baffert, you bum
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  • timgsmith10 · Billy is gettin told lol · 4240 days ago
  • blooy · drama has the figure, but smiling tiger has the abaility to switch up his pace. really makes him dangerous. the facor 1 to 5? he maybel devoured by drama and twirling candy if he trys to push them. · 4240 days ago