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View Details05/06/23CD201 1/4 mD03 M    0:00.00
View DetailsView Video05/07/22CD121 1/4 mD03 M Rich StrikeEpicenterZandon0:00.00
View DetailsView Video05/01/21CD121 1/4 mD03 M MandalounHot Rod CharlieEssential Quality2:01.02
View DetailsView Video09/05/20CD141 1/4 mD03 M AuthenticTiz the LawMr. Big News2:00.61
View DetailsView Video05/04/19CD121 1/4 mD03 M Country HouseCode of HonorTacitus2:03.93
View DetailsView Video05/05/18CD121 1/4 mD03 M Justify Good MagicAudible2:04.20
View DetailsView Video05/06/17CD121 1/4 mD03 M Always DreamingLookin At LeeBattle of Midway2:03.59
View DetailsView Video05/07/16CD121 1/4 mD03 M NyquistExaggeratorGun Runner2:01.31
View DetailsView Video05/02/15CD111 1/4 mD03 M American PharoahFiring LineDortmund2:03.02
View DetailsView Video05/03/14CD111 1/4 mD03 M California ChromeCommanding CurveDanza2:03.66
View DetailsView Video05/04/13CD121 1/4 mD03 M OrbGolden SoulRevolutionary2:02.89
View DetailsView Video05/05/12CD111 1/4 mD03 M I'll Have AnotherBodemeisterDullahan2:01.83
View DetailsView Video05/07/11CD111 1/4 mD03 M Animal KingdomNehroMucho Macho Man2:02.04
View DetailsView Video05/01/10CD111 1/4 mD03 M Super SaverIce BoxPaddy O'Prado2:04.45
View DetailsView Video05/02/09CD111 1/4 mD03 M Mine That BirdPioneerof the NileMusket Man2:02.66
View DetailsView Video05/03/08CD101 1/4 mD03 M Big BrownEight BellesDenis Of Cork2:01.82
View DetailsView Video05/05/07CD101 1/4 mD03 M Street SenseHard SpunCurlin2:02.17
View DetailsView Video05/06/06CD101 1/4 mD03 M BarbaroBluegrass CatSteppenwolfer2:01.36
View DetailsView Video05/07/05CD101 1/4 mD03 M GiacomoClosing ArgumentAfleet Alex2:02.75
View DetailsView Video05/01/04CD101 1/4 mD03 M Smarty JonesLion HeartImperialism2:04.06
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There has been a lot of chatter recently as to making changes to the current TC format. If the Gods of racing will relent to the pressures and buck tradition. Do it for the right reason and not the selfish points of view that have been brought forth to date. Lets see,Coburn made a suggestion and a statement that he would never see a TC winner in his lifetime. In feeling sorry for him,i to have just stopped crying in feeling my pain and sympathy for him. Took me 4 days,but i overcame. Does one honestly think that he really cares about anyone else winning,or was the only horse he cared about wa California Chrome. I sure hope that if he and is partners have a 3yo next year worthy of competing with the best. Should he be a late developer and not qualify for the Derby. He sit out all 3 TC races,just to prove he is not a Greedy Bastard. Then i might have a small amount of respect for him. But like i said>>>>Selfish gains(and rightfully so ) were his motivation. Then others suggested it was not his thought,The heads of Pimlico started the argument for an amendment to the schedule. Again selfish motivation. Their concern was that due to the quick 2 week turnaround,they were not getting the top horses to compete on their big day of racing. Selfish,but how can i argue. I would want the same if i ran the track. Tere are only 2 reasons to make changes. #1 and foremost,if it aids in the health of the horses and prevents injuries. Second and the reason i posted. To further develop the interests of the game and increase new prospective owners. My plan is whacky and more than likely makes no sense. It is so outside the box,you can say one is in a circle. Here goes. The race everyone and their mothers wants to run in is the Derby. Unfortunately only 20 can qualify,and many are left outside holding the bag and looking enviously through the window. Many state the 20 horse field is dangerous and not fair(i agree with them). Take a page from the Hambeltonian in Harness Racing. Run 3 heats on Derby Day. Limit it the fields to 14 horses per heat(i believe just 1 starting gate) Based on points or money earned,seed the horses ala the NCAA college basketball format. Unfortunately there will be 3 winners and not 1. But at least The Preakness is now a viable race. There will be 3 horses instead of 1 still eligible for the TC. You see agreeing to this plan would mean putting all selfish acts aside and trying to develop the game. You'd have to sacrifice the greatest winning trophy known to Horse Racing and share the honor with 2 others. But if there is excitement for 1 race on the first Sat. in May. Imagine 3 top quality races. Best of all,you are now giving almost all the horses a chance to win. This way selfish owners like Coburn will never complain that someone snuck in through the back door to beat them down the line.Yes there are more negatives,but why bother discussing. This will never happen.
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  • buckpasser · I agree about the issues with LASIx. It needs to go along with other permitted race day meds. · 3103 days ago
  • Sullivan · Like the heats but I wouldn't sacrifice the Triple Crown for it, the BC doesn't have too much history yet · 3103 days ago
Been thinking about it and I figured out how to shut up people when it comes to the Triple Crown Trail. Instead of the Kentucky Derby Points system rename it the Triple Crown Points System adding 3-4 preps for the Preakness and Belmont into it. I doubt a fan like me could get momentum behind this try and tie up loose ends in the sport.
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  • Buckpasser · I am not a great fan of the point system at all because I think it is skewed against fillies from running and I also think the CD has used it as a club to try and put Hawthorne out of business by denigrating their signature race. But I do believe that there needs to be a way to cut off entries and the money denominator has not worked well. The point system has resulted in better prep races with quality fields. · 3105 days ago
  • jmac500 · I'll have in full detail an idea but will take a few days to type it up. · 3105 days ago
Trying to post photos of TWO old bumper stickes I found in my memoriabilia that were given out by the Kentucky T-bred Breeder's Association wishing a TRIPLE for Riva and Forty Niner but have the photo and it won't let me upload...Hey webmaster!!
After witnessing the results of the 2014 Kentucky Derby, let's play some games and make a comparison to the outcome of the 2013 Kentucky Derby. Make a short comments on your prediction/comparison. Here we go, I will start: 1) Orb = California Chrome (winner of the derby) 2) Golden Soul = Commanding Curve (both ran 2nd at +30-1 odds and trained by Dallas Stewart) 3) Revolutionary=Danza (both ran 3rd, 2nd choice at the wagering & trained by Todd Pletcher) 4) Normandy Invasion= Wicked Strong (both ran 4th, deep closers, 3rd choice). I would like to see this years comparison with WTC, Palace Malice, Verrazano, Goldencents, etc. Let's have fun.
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  • chitu77 · hey Triple, good comparison from last year's derby. It looks like you hit the Trifecta/Superfecta in the derby with that comparison. This year's derby winner was clear cut choice and I believe no one will upset the Chrome in the Preakness & Belmont. Unless, Bayern run a monster race or Share Belief is healthy enough to compete in these 2 legs of the TC. No one in the east can upset Chrome, imho. · 3140 days ago
  • coyne.kaylor · I think Ride On Curlin is this year's Ride On Curlin. · 3140 days ago
I would like to start this off by saying I am not a marketing expert, television excecutive, or horse racing excecutive; I am just a horse racing fan. In my opinion NBC's coverage of the Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown is HORRIBLE! Between NBC Sports and NBC they had 6 hours of pre race coverage including 5 graded stakes and they did a horrible job of promoting the "product". This is the same network that covers the Breeder's Cup, yet the only time they spent analyzing the undercard races was when the horses were loading in the gate. They has a 2 time horse of the year running and they barely even spoke about him. They had 6 hours to cover the Derby field, they could have ATLEAST spent 5-10 minutes giving a story/background on every horse in the field yet they focused on the same 4-5stories(Rosie, Asmussen, California Chrome, Wicked Strong,Danza) They aired the Costas interview and interview with Rosie at her home 3 times between Oaks and Derby day coverage yet there was no talk of 80% of the Derby field or Wise Dan,Sahara Sky, Judy the Beauty, Midnight Lucky, Shakin it Up, etc all horses who they will most likely broadcast in their summer series and at the Breeders Cup. A perfect opportunity to promote horse racing and its stars and in turn "their"(NBC) product, and they fail to do so. I DO NOT GET IT. Instead they flash the odds board 1000 times without talking in depth about any of the horses, they parade in 2 figure skaters which I''ve never heard of, to talk about fashion. They talk about the celebrities, the parties, the mint julips, the same human interest stories on the same connections over and over for 6 hours and they don't talk about the reason we are watching, THE HORSES!!!! I agree all that other stuff is worth a mention but they focus should be on the horses, not the other way around. NBC drops the ball big time in my opinion and if it were me in charge I would start focusing on promoting the sport and the product and start utilizing our biggest marketing asset which is the EQUINE STARS!
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  • · Rachel and Zenyatta were only on national TV a handfull of times and Rachel never made it to the Breeders Cup. Also the 3 year olds you mentioned never made it to the Breeders Cup and only Big Brown made it past the TC so whether or not fans that watched the Derby would have tuned in to the BC because of those horses is unknown · 3140 days ago
  • · If I was new to a sport and didn't really know much about it for instance football and I decided to watch the first round of the playoffs and watched 4 hours of pregame coverage and they didn't talk about the players, coaches, or organizations I wouldn't be comfortable even placing a small wager on the game. But if they showed some clips of prior games talked about the players and coaches gave me an understanding threw in some fun stories maybe I would say this guy is from my home state I'll root for him or " Hey Tom Brady was almost not even drafted now he is a Hall of Famer I like underdogs maybe I'll root for him and see if he can win a Super Bowl" create casual interest so that maybe you gain a new fan for the whole season not just the Super Bowl, but use the biggest days when everyone is watching to do so. Dont squander the opportunity. Sure as an actual football fan you don't need to tell me who led the league in passing Touchdowns or wins but the average joe schmo may find that interesting and become a fan of that player for that reason · 3140 days ago
Sequence photos with # positions....
Very cool look back at history..
Due to the impending derby, i was reminded of horse racing. I used to be absolutely obsessed with it. In love with it. Just last year I was cheering as I watched all three triple crown races, then later the Breeders cup and so on. I attended a few races when i could, never betting - simply going to 'enjoy the sport' and 'see the beautiful horses run.' I tried not to seem troubled when I saw right in front of me a 2 year old gelding hyped up on drugs, sweating and delirious before the race, his obvious distress ignored and was ran anyway. He then came off the track limping and wide-eyed. I still loved racing, surely that was just a one-time incident. Then, along with changes in my life - I got a job working at a small horse rescue barn/boarding center. At first i thought the fact that there were ex-racehorses there was cool and exciting - being so in love with racing still. Then I realized these horses had to be RESCUED. Not from people who could no longer care for them, not people who simply couldn't afford them anymore. No, these horses had to be rescued from rich, greedy, racehorse breeders/owners. After 4 or 5 years old, the horse was as good as dead to them. One of the rescues at the barn is so messed up from being forced to run at violent speeds at the age of 2, when his bones were still developing, that his legs are warped and he cannot walk properly and struggles to even trot. A couple of these rescues were destined for auction, which we all know could and most likely would have ended in slaughter. I, being the horse lover that I am, tricked myself into believing that just because this sport had to deal with horses - that it was for the love of horses. True, some people in this sport do care for and love their horses. But they are an incredibly rare breed. Thousands of horses are bred each year, sold, trained, raced for a pathetic span of time, then sold again possibly to their deaths. The overpopulation of un-wanted ex-racehorses is staggering. Horses are nothing but vehicles for greed and money in this sport, and once they no longer bring in a profit, they are deemed useless. ...I was blinded to all of this for so long. I am stating no opinions here. Just facts. Facts that I didnt even WANT to know. But it goes to show when you really are open to the truth... and you really love your fellow living beings (horses) that share this beautiful planet with us... one is bound to have their own thinking challenged here and there. So comment away, if you want to contest me and tell me how wrong I am - feel free. I just feel like this needs to be discussed more often in the horse racing community. I'm not saying ban racing... but I firmly believe that action should be taken to CHANGE it. If not for us, for the horses. They are the heart of this sport are they not? A video I recommend for the open minded: Now before you say "These are steeple-chasing clips" I know they are. But the issues brought up in this video need to be addressed THROUGHOUT the racing world. --I post this here humbly, and with love for the horses. JamminPark.
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  • JamminPark · I think I ought to clear things up a bit - I worded things a bit wrong. First off; when I said "I was reminded of horse racing," I really just meant it was on my mind more so these past couple of days BECAUSE of the Derby. And I used to be on this website very often, havent for a while, and I had been reminded of this *website.* Also, I know that the darker side of racing is not the only side, and that there are a lot of people who genuinely care - but I should say that it is becoming "rarer" to find. And about the Breeders Cup - I have watched horse racing consistently for 6 years. And yes, I did have a fast "epiphany" if you could say that. But I was slowly being turned off by horse racing as time progressed. After the triple crown this last year, I didnt follow it nearly as much as I used to because I slowly was becoming more aware of things. But I still stuck with it on until the Breeders cup. It was after this that I got employed at the barn with the rescued racehorses - thats when my eyes were truly opened to the downside of the horse racing industry. I was disappointed - I really did LOVE the sport. And I couldnt really look at it the same way that I had before ... I guess I just wish that BIG changes would be made... and before too many more horses are unwanted or killed. It can be a very beautiful sport. I do hope that changes WILL be made and lives saved in the future. · 3142 days ago
  • Sully · 2nd largest derby crowd in history. Seems to be doing fine to me · 3142 days ago
Final Selections: 1.) Candy Boy, 2.) General A Rod, 3.) Cali Chrome, 4.) Samraat. I'm betting on those for sure in the Tris and Supers.
Hope the race is as good as the anthem. Nice job Jo Dee. Dead heat Dance With Fate & Wicked Strong. Intense Holiday & Danza for the minor awards.
  • jonathanpoker · Jo Dee sucked. Off-key and turned the national anthem into a dirge. Our national anthem is supposed to be inspirational not depressing · 3142 days ago
Happy Kentucky Derby day to everyone! Best of luck with your picks!
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  • Dressage3295 · Have to back up my boy. Wicked Strong to win over California Chrome by just a length. Dance With Fate third. Wilcat Red and General A Rod fighting for fourth with General A Rod sticking a nose just out front. My upset: Candy boy · 3142 days ago
  • jenna.heusi · How is it that We Miss Artie (my complete toss) has better odds than the General?? Weirdness... · 3142 days ago
I really like General a Rod. I know at first look his last run and (some say) his pedigree is suspect at the classic distance but I believe with we go old school on DI and CD, he is right there with dam from Dynaformer and grandsire being past Derby winner FuPeg. Also, like Rosario (one to the top riders) on him and he is consistent (never been off the board) and has tactical speed. If he breaks well and runs right behind the first flight, he can be in the catbird seat. Hoping he goes off 20-1 or higher. I do like Ride On Curlin but my concern is he might be a better one turn horse since his only wins have come at 6F and 5.5F. Intense Holiday will get some money from me even though his last race (LA Derby) showed he still races a bit green but seems that he is improving and might be peaking at the right time. Candy Boy ran like a short horse in SA Derby and maybe it was a nice tune up for the big dance. I'll put some money on him with HOF G Stevens on him and his third was against the top two (California Chrome and late scratch Hoppertunity). If Cal Chrome wins, I will be happy for the connections and for CA racing. He has been a monster at SA and is a deserving favorite but I always have a hard time betting on the chalk. With that being said, putting most of my money on General a Rod with some mix of Intense Holiday. Small change will be put on Candy Boy and possibly Ride On Curlin since they were both on my list that have made it thus far.
  • amino998 · Think you’re on a live one jinlie. General has one of the better pedigrees for this Derby, imo. There are always contrary opinions about most everything Derby, check out this quote re: California Chrome >> “You really have to wonder about this colt going a mile and a quarter. His sire never won going beyond 5 and 1/2 furlongs and well, you know, the female family is GARBAGE.” – Andrew Beyer __ yeah, right :D · 3143 days ago
  • tmallios · Now that Mr. Beyer has chimed in,i would assume confidence is at an all time high with Team Chrome. The General(not named after the Yanks disgraced 3rd baseman,is one of the very few with a legit chance of winning in case the Chrome falters. · 3143 days ago
Finally narrowed it down to six: California Chrome, Chitu, Wicked Strong, Wildcat Red, General A Rod, and Dance With Fate
I am agonizing over picking my horse. I usually have trouble picking my Derby winner because there is a few I like and I have trouble narrowing them down but this year I am having trouble because I don't like any of them. Outside of Chrome(who I'll never bet at or near 5/2) I'm not really impressed with any of these. I think this is a weak crop. After going back and fourth with myself I finally decided on Wicked Strong then ge gets the 20 post AHHH!. I don't know what to do now. Every horse I like has a major knock. Wicked Strong the post, Hoppertunity didnt race at 2, Intense Holiday all over the rail in LA Derby don't know if he wants 10f, General A Rod dosn't pass horses. That leaves Danza, the only thing I can knock about him is he had a perfect trip last out. Anyone want to chime in and help me out?
  • jvickers · If you aren't impressed with any of the favorites, then play a long shot on top. My long shot pick on top is Dance with Fate. · 3144 days ago
For all going to the Kentucky Derby ... words of wisdom from the great Jimmy Fallon: ...
Will somebody post the post positions?
  • Age of Reason · 1) Vicar's In Trouble (I'll say!). 2) Harry's Holiday. 3) Uncle Sigh. 4) Danza. 5) California Chrome. 6) Samraat. 7) We Miss Artie. 8) General A Rod. 9) Vinceremos. 10) Wildcat Red. 11) Hoppertunity. 12) Dance With Face. 13) Chitu. 14) Medal Count. 15) Tapiture. 16) Intense Holiday. 17) Commanding Curve. 18) Candy Boy. 19) Ride On Curlin (Bo-Rail in post 19? Boy oh boy). And, 20) Wicked Strong. · 3145 days ago
HRN Superfecta Contest: $500 bankroll. Biggest profit on bet wins. Must hit superfecta, unless parimutual superfecta is not hit. $1 minimum. Don't post picks here. If interested give me your e-mail, either post below or e-mail (
About a month ago before the big preps it was looking like there would be a plethora of speed in the race, and I was focusing in on a closer to be my pick. Now as things have sorted out I am wondering if my earlier thoughts hold true. It was looking like Social Inclusion, Bayern,Ring Weekend, Albano, Midnight Hawk, Constitution would all ensure a hot pace but now they have all dropped out. Which speed is left? Wildcat Red, Vicar's In Trouble, Chitu, Uncle Sigh,Samraat,General A Rod?? With the exception of Wildcat Red I don't think any NEED the lead. What is the concensus here? Do we still think this will be the hot pace we once thought it would be? Admittedly I am ok at pace projections but certainly no expert. Who does everyone think is "the speed of the speed" in this one?
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  • ruffianlover · It's the Kentucky Derby. You never know what will happen in this race. Did anyone think Palice Malice would be the speed aka the runaway freight train in last year's Derby? Absolutely not. I've learned one thing about the Derby and it's that just when you think you've got it all figured out- it throws you a curveball and flips the switch. · 3146 days ago
  • travel_vic · That one's energy profile (which made him a throw out) dictated that he had the chance to pace set · 3146 days ago
At least check out the video w/ Tom Brady. It's been reported be placed a hefty $4700 bet on Orb to win.
You have to love this. So the company YUMS who sponsors the Kentucky Derby recently had stores in the UK selling horsemeat in their taco's......