2023 Jockey Club Gold Cup G1

Former Name(s):
1975 - 2013:   JCGC @ Belmont
1969 - 1974:   JCGC @ Aqueduct
1968 - 1968:   JCGC @ Belmont
1963 - 1967:   JCGC @ Aqueduct
1962 - 1962:   JCGC @ Belmont
1958 - 1961:   JCGC @ Aqueduct
1919 - 1957:   JCGC @ Belmont

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  • View Race Details 9/2/2023
  • 2023 2023 Jockey Club Gold Cup G1 (G1)
  • 1 1/4 m, Dirt; 3+ M
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Rattle N RollK. McPeekPossible Donn

Race Results & Past Performances

View Details09/02/23Sar101 1/4 mD03+ M    0:00.00
View DetailsView Video09/03/22Sar111 1/4 mD03+ M OlympiadAmericanrevolutionFirst Captain 2:02.11
View DetailsView Video09/04/21Sar121 1/4 mD03+ M Max PlayerHappy SaverForza Di Oro2:02.49
View DetailsView Video10/10/20Bel91 1/4 mD03+ M Happy SaverMystic Guide Tacitus2:01.77
View DetailsView Video09/28/19Bel101 1/4 mD03+ M Code of HonorVino RossoTacitus2:00.30
View DetailsView Video09/29/18Bel101 1/4 mD03+ M Discreet LoverThunder SnowMendelssohn 1:59.99
View DetailsView Video10/07/17Bel101 1/4 mD03+ M DiversifyKeen IcePavel 2:00.96
View DetailsView Video10/08/16Bel101 1/4 mD03+ M HoppertunityEffinexProtonico2:00.68
View DetailsView Video10/03/15Bel101 1/4 mD03+ M TonalistWicked StrongEffinex2:02.16
View DetailsView Video09/27/14Bel101 1/4 mD03+ M TonalistZivoLong River2:02.12
View DetailsView Video09/28/13Bel91 1/4 mD03+ M Ron The Greek Palace MaliceFlat Out1:59.70
View DetailsView Video09/29/12Bel101 1/4 mD03+ M Flat OutStay ThirstyFort Larned2:01.44
View DetailsView Video10/01/11Bel101 1/4 mD03+ M Flat OutDrosselmeyerStay Thirsty2:03.17
View DetailsView Video10/02/10Bel101 1/4 mD03+ M HaynesfieldBlameFly Down2:02.48
View DetailsView Video10/03/09Bel101 1/4 mD03+ M Summer BirdQuality RoadTizway2:02.51
View DetailsView Video09/27/08Bel101 1/4 mD03 M CurlinWanderin BoyMerchant Marine2:01.93
View DetailsView Video09/30/07Bel101 1/4 mD03+ M CurlinLawyer RonPolitical Force2:01.20
View DetailsView Video10/07/06Bel101 1/4 mD03+ M BernardiniWanderin BoyAndromeda's Hero2:01.02
View Details10/01/05Bel91 1/4 mD0  BorregoSuaveSun King 2:02.86
View DetailsView Video10/02/04Bel101 1/4 mD03+ M Funny CideNewfoundlandThe Cliff's Edge2:02.44
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Older Comments about the Jockey Club Gold Cup...

LAZ. Remember when we discussed at what point geldings were permitted to run in the JCGC, it looks like 1958 as a gelding ran. Civet was third to Inside Tract.
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  • LAZMANNICK · Buck when I read this post tonight I looked back to see if I could come up with anything. I saw a post you wrote on the ABRV site when you stated that you thought it was 1956. I guess one way of finding ut for sure is to contact NYRA. · 3253 days ago
  • buckpasser · Yes I thought it was then, but what I did was to look up all the horses that ran in the race and the first gelding to run was Bureaucracy in 1957. I thought it was 1956 because the the 1955 chart had nothing about geldings not being eligible, but then in rereading the 1956 chart, it said geldings were ineligible, so that was when I looked up all the horses that raced from 1955 on ( which was when the chart said nothing about geldings) and the first gelding I found was the 1957 renewal. 1958 renewal had a gelding Civet who finished third, and if course Kelso in the 1960's. · 3253 days ago
My picks are Palace Malice and Flat Out. The way Cross Traffic crawled home is a big indicator to me that he will be fading terribly in the stretch. I don't believe he'll win. Too many entrants have the energy distribution, and proven it, to go 10f. Cross Traffic will get the lead, quite easily, which will be to his advantage and therefore should not be left out of exotics. I'll leave him out of my top spot. He'll be pressed by both Palace Malice and Alpha. Palace Malice's last race footnotes say "stumbled start; 5w stretch". He was down 2 1/2 in the stretch and lost by less than a length. He dropped 8 lengths back at one point. If he gets a clean break, he'll be able to distribute his energy better to go 10f. He should have won the Travers, and would have if not for the break, so I expect him to win. Alpha is interesting. I'm tempted to say his Woodward effort was in result to the slop, or maybe it was the blinkers? History tells me not to exclude him. I've left out Kmac FTB's and STB's, and I'm not making the mistake again. Flat Out, who is my second choice, loves Belmont Park (5 for 6) and is at the top of his game. Overall, I'll go with Palace Malice- Flat Out- Orb- Cross Traffic. Alpha is a "win or not hit" type of horse, who should be included. Flat Out, Orb and the Malice will all crack the Top 4 for sure. Statistically speaking, Palace Malice is the best horse with the best numbers with the best form. Cross Traffic, believe it or not, according to statistics, should not win here. Also like the "horse for the course" method. Flat Out and Palace Malice both fit. Palace Malice's last five races, statistically, have been improvements. I think if he continues his uptrend and gets a good break, it'll be a race for sexond. Flat Out will be there, for sure, though. For the Beldame, I actually like Princess of Sylmar, but I won't bet on that race.
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  • rafirox · Mallios, the "Best Hits of Yogi Bear" made me laugh. That was funny. @Shackleford, I think Cross Traffic can hit the board with a good pace. I think he needs every tactical advantage to win the race, though. @CFC, you're welcome. I hope you have a good day at the track. In terms of betting, I always love Super Saturday. I did great last year, I was red hot and I hit Power Broker in the FrontRunner. Hopefully my luck continues.. · 3536 days ago
  • rafirox · @Clecliar; I agree, Orb has a chance. I believe he will hit the super, probably the tri, and maybe the exacta. I don't see him winning though. · 3536 days ago
does anyone know if Super Saturday will be televised?
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  • Paladin · Fox coverage begins next year with the Donn Hdp · 3537 days ago
  • Buckpasser · Thanks for the update Paladin. Knew they were doing many races, not sure when · 3537 days ago
Last Gunfighter and Vitoria Olimpics.
Like Last Gunfighter and Flat Out...looking for us good ML Odds
Post Positions- 1) Ron the Greek 2) Orb 3) Last Gunfighter 4) Vitoria Olimpica 5) Alpha 6) Flat Out 7) Palace Malice 8) Cross Traffic
My goodness this is a very awesome race heating up, kind of hard to discount any.
This is the obvious next big Stakes race on everones radar.Let us for 1 minute imagine there was a time machine besides us. WE can go back in history to see only one race live.I will put in 1 stipulation.Secreteriats Belmont is off limits and cannot be used. Not that i have anything agaist that race,just think that might be the overwhelming front runner.All aboard!!!
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  • LAZMANNICK · That initial BCC was in my top three BC races as well, Wild Again supplemented for 360K and winning at 30-1 in as thrilling a stretch dual as we'll ever see. · 3549 days ago
  • Dressage3295 · @Icy- I wish I could have been there to see it! My father still tells stories about it. Damascus was one of his favorites and for him to have such an incredible win was a dream come true. · 3549 days ago
It was and is one of the very greatest races ever run due to the historic field & how it played out.
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  • travel_vic · How will breeders EVER KNOW where stamina comes from unless we continue to have marathon distances · 4028 days ago
  • AnnaK · Exactly. And racing older than 4. · 4028 days ago
Early Jockey Club Gold Cup banter ... Tizway or Stay Thirsty???
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  • LAZMANNICK · I think that Tizway and HDG can get 10F. I just don't know if they'll get the 20F in the BCC. There will be no easy times in that race. There will be pressure throughout adn no rela chance to take a break. · 4282 days ago
  • LAZMANNICK · The 10F in the BCC, not 20F. · 4282 days ago
Icyhotboo... now you no stay thirsty is just a kid!!!! And Tizway....is the man.