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View DetailsView Video01/28/23GP131 1/8 mD04+ M Art CollectorDefundedStilleto Boy1:49.44
View DetailsView Video01/29/22GP121 1/8 mD04+ M Life Is GoodKnicks GoStilleto Boy1:48.91
View DetailsView Video01/23/21GP121 1/8 mD04+ M Knicks GoJesus' TeamIndependence Hall1:47.89
View DetailsView Video01/25/20GP121 1/8 mD03+ M Mucho GustoMr FreezeWar Story1:48.85
View DetailsView Video01/26/19GP121 1/8 mD04+ M City of LightSeeking the SoulAccelerate1:47.71
View DetailsView Video01/27/18GP121 1/8 mD04+ M Gun RunnerWest Coast Gunnevera1:47.41
View DetailsView Video01/28/17GP121 1/8 mD04+ M ArrogateShaman GhostNeolithic1:46.83
View DetailsView Video02/06/16GP131 1/8 mD04+ M MshawishValidMexikoma1:47.89
View DetailsView Video02/07/15GP131 1/8 mD04+ M ConstitutionLeaElnaawi1:49.51
View DetailsView Video02/09/14GP121 1/8 mD04+ M LeaWill Take ChargeViramundo1:46.86
View Details02/09/13GP111 1/8 mD03+ M GraydarBourbon CourageTake Charge Indy1:48.25
View DetailsView Video02/11/12GP101 1/8 mD03+ M Hymn BookMission ImpazibleRedeemed1:49.16
View DetailsView Video02/05/11GP101 1/8 mD03+ M Giant OakMorning LineRule1:48.23
View DetailsView Video02/06/10GP101 1/8 mD04+ M Quality RoadDry MartiniDelightful Kiss1:47.49
View DetailsView Video01/31/09GP91 1/8 mD04+ M Albertus MaximusFinallymadeitEinstein1:50.96
View DetailsView Video02/02/08GP91 1/8 mD04+ M Spring At LastA. P. ArrowKiss The Kid1:48.35
View Details02/03/07GP11 1/8 mD03+ M InvasorHesanoldsaltA. P. Arrow1:48.43
View Details02/04/06GP101 1/8 mD03+ M Brass HatPies ProspectAndromeda's Hero1:47.79
View Details02/05/05GP91 1/8 mD03+ M Saint LiamRoses in MayEddington1:48.43
View Details02/07/04GP101 1/8 mD03+ M Medaglia d'OroSeattle FitzFunny Cide1:47.68
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I dont see a ton of speed in this race which makes me think wtc will be alot clsoer to pace and as long as he gets the jump on the closer dont see why he cant win
Wow Mucho Macho Man loves GP his 46.48 3rd and 4th quarters proved that last year. By the way thats the 2nd fastest 3rd and 4th quarters i know of the first by Dr. Fager 46.1/5. MMM better be on the lead or 2nd because he seem to run in spots when further back. Fort Larned at Prm ran the 3rd fastest last 3f. that i know of in 35.1/5 seconds the results is what i expected at the Breeders cup.
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  • travel_vic · PACE is built upon speed challenges and the last couple fractions mean zip on dirt · 3712 days ago
  • travel_vic · the pace battle is usually over right around the 2nd call and then the survivors push each other so the race is early based · 3712 days ago
I like Rule in here with Square Eddie. This race is a little tough to handicap, so thats why I'm gonna do multiple wagers. Rule Square Eddie Giant Oak. Morning Line, Rule Exacta, and tri with Fly Down. But i really like Rule for my top pick
  • bband · Agree. This is a very tough race. But as we can see with the poll, people are going to really hammer Fly Down. While I believe he will be the best of this bunch in the summer, he's just a bad bet to hit the exacta at 8-5 or less in this very tough race. · 4380 days ago