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View Details05/05/18CD991 1/4 mD03 MKentucky Derby-G1   0:00.00
View Details01/27/18GP991 1/8 mD04+ MPegasus World Cup-G1   0:00.00
View Details12/26/17SA97 fD03 MMalibu Stakes-G1   0:00.00
View Details12/17/17RP991 mileD02 MRemington Springboard Mile   0:00.00
View Details12/10/17Sha81 1/4 mT03+ MHong Kong Cup-G1   0:00.00
View Details12/10/17Sha41 1/2mT03+ MHong Kong Vase-G1   0:00.00
View Details12/10/17Sha71 mileT03+ MHong Kong Mile-G1   0:00.00
View Details12/10/17Sha56 fT03+ MHong Kong Sprint-G1   0:00.00
View Details12/09/17LRC241 1/16 mD02 FStarlet Stakes-G1   0:00.00
View Details12/09/17LRC121 1/16 mD02 MLos Alamitos Futurity-G1   0:00.00
View Details12/03/17LRC41 1/16 mD03+ FBayakoa Hcp.-G2   0:00.00
View Details12/02/17Aqu191 1/8 mD02 MRemsen-G2   0:00.00
View Details12/02/17Aqu91 mileD03+ MCigar Mile Handicap-G1   0:00.00
View Details11/26/17Tok111 1/2mT03+ MJapan Cup-G1   0:00.00
View Details11/25/17Dmr61 1/8 mT03 MHollywood Derby-G1   0:00.00
View Details11/25/17CD71 1/16 mD02 MKentucky Jockey Club-G2   0:00.00
View Details11/25/17Aqu81 1/16 mT03+ F    0:00.00
View Details11/25/17CD111 1/16 mD02 FGolden Rod-G2   0:00.00
View Details11/24/17CD151 1/8 mD03+ MClark Handicap-G1   0:00.00
View Details11/23/17CD81 1/8 mT03+ MRiver City-G3   0:00.00
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Has been retired and will stand at Tally-Ho Stud for €6,000 in 2018.
Has been retired and will be joining the Dalham Hall Stud roster in February. His fee has been set at £10,000.
By the way isn't this page dedicated to GR? lol
BREAKING: Grade 3 winner Ocean Knight has been retired from racing and will enter stud at Get Away Farm in Lowell, Fla., for the 2018 breeding season. A fee is still to be determined.
Has been retired.. no stud plans reached yet
Smarty Jones could have been the greatest ever!! Had he won the Belmont horse had tremendous heart but IMO Citation was the best ever!
Secretariat was a GREAT horse..But it is fair to say that the "Belmont" (1 race) made him the "GOAT" in most minds....Who faced better horses as a 2 yr old..Bid or Secretariat?..Did secretariat race in any Graded stakes at age 2?..Bid was winning multiple Grade 1s at age 2 along with other Grades stakes i believe..The TC was magical for Secretariat at age 3..But he did lose the Woodward/Whitney/Gold Cup (Should have beaten those horses)..The TC does not mean EVERYTHING to me..ill take a loss to "Affirmed" over a loss to "Onion". Any horse in history have a better year at age 4 than Bid?...Secretariat didnt even run at 4..Bid was a champion every year he ran...But hey its all about the TC to most ..People just simply are too emotionally attatched to Secretariat to debate..Dont worry Bid i have your back
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  • Ferrisjso26 · Also if three year old Secretariat= or comes close to = older Bid, that means Secretariat's better. Secretariat at three obliterates Bid at three by almost every numerical standard. · 1 hour ago
  • US Army Ranger via Disqus · I only wish that these horse’s were still living God knows there in a better place but Mann I wish we had a living GOAT · 55 minutes ago
A good looking horse. Runaway Ghost just won the Golden Nugget Stakes (6F) at Golden Gate on November 11th by 7 and 1/2 lengths.
OK, I posted this question earlier this year, but with some new posters and the further achievments of a particular horse, I want to see what the response is: The best horse (worldwide) so far in the 21st century is: a) Winx b) Black Caviar c) Frankel d) Zarkava (undefeated Arc winner) e) American Pharoah f) Zenyatta g) Other (name that horse)
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  • Always.dreaming · I don't want to sound sexist, but I think American Pharoah and Frankel are far clear of any other horses worldwide 21st century. · 5 hours ago
  • joe rifkin via Disqus · Point Given or Ghostzapper....(Surprised no one said Chrome) · 2 hours ago
Only the most delusional fan claims this horse would have won the TC...
  • Always.dreaming · He probably would not have won all 3, but he is certainly a better horse than California Chrome. · 5 hours ago
  • US Army Ranger via Disqus · Would have won the Kentucky Derby · 2 hours ago
Did Secretariat ever even venture further than Chicago?..He also wasnt very good vs older horses on dirt that i remember..Not sure who Secretariat ran against besides Sham..Riva Ridge?..Would have liked to seen Secretariat face someone like Forego..Atleast Bid traveled to the West and everywhere else..Spectacular Bid was undefeated at 7f to 10f i think..Besides the two 12f races he would have been undefeated in "22" starts in Grades Stakes races..And all over the Map too..Bid went everywhere..Secretariat not really..How many records does Bid hold?..Spectacular Bid should never be out of the debate as the best of "All Time"..
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  • Cha We via Disqus · I personally think because Bid came after Secretariat that he is shamefully overlooked as one of the top 5 best horses ever. I agree with John Nerud that Secretariat is overrated because he is so popular. He was a beautiful horse, but his fans are as bad as, well, nevermind. I think the "beating Swaps world record" for 1 5/8 "eased up" in the Belmont is just a farce. The fact Secretariat ran a great Belmont doesn't seem to be enough. He was ridden out in the end, so "eased", if he had to be ridden out for the record for 1 1/2, then, what about a race at 1 5/8, oh that's right, The Canadian International slower than Man O' War's time for the same distance. Such is facts and truth and favorite horses! · 1 hour ago
  • Ferrisjso26 · News flash there was a time when California was less not more important to the sport than the East. Should I be going after today's California horses for not going East? · 1 hour ago
Ramses Barrows, two year old Colt by Curlin winning in Japan on November 14th! Looking very good! Here's the replay!
  • Mark Kennedy via Disqus · Thanks for posting the race posted about him on Curlins page too · 1 hour ago
Forever unbridled might take his chances in the Pegasus..Nice to see some fillys/Mares take on the boys..Hope she runs
Sold and will be put under the care of Trainer Todd Pletcher
Quote of the day..."Cryptoclearance was a great horse, but NEVER won a race that Alysheba was entered in"...Didnt these 2 horses meet like 6-7 times?...With Crypto beating the brakes off Alysheba in like half of those meetings?...Maybe my memory is going..Thought for sure these 2 horses faced eachother on "Multiple" occasions..(Easy Goer HUMILIATED cryptoclearance "every" time they met)
  • Always.dreaming · Sir, was it just me, or did I see you post a comment that said "Honor Code was a 'good' horse, but not very good or great by any means (as far as G1 horses go)." That is the stupidest and most idiotic, moronic, hilariously fallacious inaccuracy I have ever seen in my life. Honor Code is without any reasonable doubt top 10 this century. · 15 hours ago
Ramses Barrows 2 yrold colt by Curlin breaks his maiden second time out in huge two yrold race in Japan That's makes number 13 in two yrold winners this yr. ( hey Jeff if you get a min will you go to Hill and. Dale web page. They h ave a video of the race if you care to post it I suck at technology
The Martin Racing Website says he is underway.
Spectacular Bid vs Affirmed..Give me 10 head to head matchups at different distances/Different Tracks/Different fields/Different paces etc...i will take Spectacular Bid 8 out of 10 times against Affirmed..Spectacular Bid was the better horse
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  • joe rifkin via Disqus · Easy Goer would beat them both at 1 mile..1 3/16ths..and 1 1/2 · 17 hours ago
  • Sig Bouncer via Disqus · Affirmed already defeated Bid once. So you're already down one. As a 4YO under Laffit Pincay Jr. Affirmed just might be the best in history. Undefeated under Pincay Jr, including a win over Bid. Affirmed closed out his career winning 7 in a row. 6 of these were G-1's. Affirmed is the only horse in history to run two sub 1:59's at 10F as a 4YO. History is a mighty long time. · 4 hours ago
quote: But he came back again to close to the inside of Affirmed to only miss by 1/2 length Forever the biased eye forces contentions without back up. 3/4 of a length at the wire in the official chart...... closer at the top of the lane (1/2), but backed up later.
  • Mary Y. via Disqus · meanwhile, I'm finishing the painting and the giant is swatting the blah-blah on here, omg. time to go to a movie, then get busy. criminy already. · 18 hours ago
Quote:Spectacular Bid was better than Affirmed in the Jockey Club.. right there is the troll mantra. State ridiculously factless contentions in order to garner NOTICE. Run that race ten times, Affirmed would probably win them all. The classic "match race within a race," if anyone knows a thing about match race riding it is plain as the nose on one's face. 1) Grab the lead (like Seabiscuit trained for as well as Foolish Pleasure in the ill fated match race with the filly, Nashua over Swaps, Zev over Papyrus, Convenience over Typecast, Affirmed over Alydar, Sunday Silence/Easy Goer, etc etc) 2) Play "cat and mouse' through the early part of the race, TEMPTING your rival to come forward against the SLOWEST fractions you can get away with (After the JCGC, Cordero's first comment: "Affirmed won it on that 25 second opening fraction then sealed the deal with the half in 49 seconds." 3) Don't commit to a run as long as your rival(s) are not forcing your to run a step faster than YOU want to go. On EVERY aspect of that race, AFFIRMED was dominant and held the winning hand. Bid did not break particularly well, was a bit in tight the first turn and the Shoe made THREE, count 'em, THREE separate attempts to overtake him wide, the last of which occurred when Shoe took in to the 2 path. Like the champion he was, Affirmed almost re-broke when Coastal came up inside him at the top of the stretch then maintained that margin to the wire. SPEED beats stamina all the time, but in a "match race" scenario, it works even better. NEVER headed in the official chart (p. 149 American Racing Manual 1980) he controlled the entire contest and his two other rivals ( Gallant Best really did not count in that regard) a never could move on 25, 49, 1:13 1/5, 1:37 1/5. 2:02 2/5 , 2:27 2/5. The sign of a very good one is to both dictate the pace, then to close the 2nd half faster than the first half. NO one there that day, nor in the KNOW afforded victory to any entity other than the one that was dominant from the time the gates open to when he crossed the wire all alone. Laffit after the race: "I don't know why they keep trying him, No one can beat him" I have that winners circle shot singed by BOTH Laffit and Barerra and laugh about the sign held in the background by members of the crowd. It said Affirmed for PRESIDENT. He could do well since the bar has been lowered so far these days.
  • soonboomer · Travel_Vic, the difference in perception of actual events comes from the fact that YOU LIVED IT, and the troll just read about it in some book. · 18 hours ago
  • soonboomer · Not unlike what Seattle Slew did to Affirmed TWICE......Affirmed could never get in front of Slew......the Marlboro was an easy race for Slew......his 2nd in the JCC was perhaps the greatest losing effort of all time....especially the way it went down. Slew had every right to spit the bit at the top of the stretch....a lesser horse would have lost by 10 · 18 hours ago