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View Details03/14/20SA191 1/16 mD03 F    0:00.00
View Details03/07/20SA161 1/16 mD03 M    0:00.00
View Details03/07/20SA211 mileT03 F    0:00.00
View Details11/01/19SA21 3/4 mD03+ M    0:00.00
View Details09/07/19Bel201 1/2mT03 M    0:00.00
View Details09/07/19Bel191 3/8 m T03 F    0:00.00
View Details09/02/19Sar81 1/16 mT03+ M    0:00.00
View Details08/31/19Dmr77 fD02 F    0:00.00
View Details08/04/19Sar201 3/16 mT03 M    0:00.00
View Details08/02/19Sar201 3/16 mT03 F    0:00.00
View Details07/06/19Bel201 1/4 mT03 M    0:00.00
View Details07/06/19Bel191 1/4 mT03 F    0:00.00
View Details06/29/19CD196 fD02 F    0:00.00
View Details06/22/19CD196 fD03+ F    0:00.00
View Details06/15/19CD151 1/16 mT03+ M    0:00.00
View Details06/15/19CD181 1/8 mT03 F    0:00.00
View Details06/15/19CD161 1/8 mD03+ F    0:00.00
View Details06/15/19CD191 1/16 mD03 M    0:00.00
View Details06/15/19CD71 1/8 mD03+ M    0:00.00
View Details06/08/19Bel171 1/2mD03 M    0:00.00
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Flor de La Mar worked 4f, April 18th, in 48.40 (h) finishing 5/35
Dessman worked 4f, April 18th, in 48.80 (h) finishing 11/35
Anonymity worked 4f, April 18th, in 48.60 (h) finishing 8/35
Marconi worked 5f, April 18th, in 1:00.38 (b) finishing 1/6
Vekoma worked 4f, April 18th, in 50.17 (b) finishing 5/7
Point of Honor worked 4f, April 18th, in 50.01 (b) finishing 4/7
Moonlight Romance worked 5f, April 18th, in 1:01.00 (b) finishing 5/18
Limousine Liberal worked 5f, April 18th, in 1:00.20 (b) finishing 1/18
Lexitonian worked 5f, April 18th, in 1:01.40 (b) finishing 11/18
Instilled Regard worked 4f, April 18th, in 48.60 (b) finishing 21/76
Bulleting worked 4f, April 18th, in 49.60 (b) finishing 48/76
Bodexpress worked 4f, April 18th, in 48.60 (b) finishing 1/1
Jeltrin worked 7f, April 18th, in 1:27.77 (b) finishing 1/1
Strike Power worked 3f, April 18th, in 36.23 (Bg) finishing 3/12
Hofburg worked 3f, April 18th, in 38.00 (b) finishing 2/5
Rocketry worked 6f, April 18th, in 1:17.20 (b) finishing 1/1
Always Shopping worked 4f, April 18th, in 49.00 (b) finishing 3/36
Breaks the track record with JP at 7.Goes on 7 week leave comes back to Irad and his turf riding style sits wide comes even paced into record breaking run while first 2 turn try.Next out Jock employs same tactics sitting back with this 7 fur record breaker and trys and makes long sustained run Ooopps he gets 6 lengths out has too build momentum all the while 2nd 2 turn race with added real estate.He doesnt hiccup but shows his class coming home in 12.Now good for him that jock is gone he gets 3rd race off layoff.Added Real estate again.If he loses it wont be the real estate or the jock that does most likely some clown busting him up.Distance-Check Class-Check takes dirt in face-check.Gets familiar jock back checkmate.Major player here..
It amazes me how some people come to conclusions about a horse when they haven't looked at time's of races and timed works. Plane Stupid
I'm going to take a quick look back at Secretariat's run in the Woodward. I think we can all agree that the only reason he lost was because he was rushed into the race without much quality workouts (though Prove Out proved himself to be a quality horse with that run and time). For that reason, I can just imagine what Big Red would've done if he were fully fit: the only way he wouldn't have beaten his Belmont time would be if Ron held him back, and knowing that jock, I doubt he would've done that (just remembered that the track was also muddy; still don't think that would've affected him much though).