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Belmont Stakes 2017
American Pharoah Belmont Fans 615 X 400
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  • View Race Details 6/8/2024
  • 2024 Belmont Stakes (G1)
  • 1 1/2m, Dirt; 3 M
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HeartlandB. BaffertGoal Donn

Race Results & Past Performances

View Details06/08/24Bel121 1/2mD03 M    0:00.00
View Details06/10/23Bel121 1/2mD03 M ArcangeloForteTapit Trice2:29.23
View DetailsView Video06/11/22Bel111 1/2mD03 M Mo DonegalNestSkippylongstocking2:28.28
View DetailsView Video06/05/21Bel111 1/2mD03 M Essential QualityHot Rod CharlieRombauer2:27.11
View DetailsView Video06/20/20Bel101 1/8 mD03 M Tiz the LawDr PostMax Player1:46.53
View DetailsView Video06/08/19Bel111 1/2mD03 M Sir WinstonTacitusJoevia2:28.30
View DetailsView Video06/09/18Bel111 1/2mD03 M Justify GronkowskiHofburg 2:28.18
View DetailsView Video06/10/17Bel111 1/2mD03 M TapwritIrish War CryPatch2:30.02
View DetailsView Video06/11/16Bel111 1/2mD03 M CreatorDestinLani2:28.51
View DetailsView Video06/06/15Bel111 1/2mD03 M American PharoahFrostedKeen Ice2:26.65
View DetailsView Video06/07/14Bel111 1/2mD03 M TonalistCommissionerMedal Count2:28.52
View DetailsView Video06/08/13Bel111 1/2mD03 M Palace MaliceOxbowOrb2:30.70
View DetailsView Video06/09/12Bel111 1/2mD03 M Union RagsPaynter Atigun2:30.42
View DetailsView Video06/11/11Bel111 1/2mD03 M Ruler On IceStay ThirstyBrilliant Speed2:30.88
View DetailsView Video06/05/10Bel111 1/2mD03 M DrosselmeyerFly DownFirst Dude2:31.57
View DetailsView Video06/06/09Bel111 1/2mD03 M Summer BirdDunkirkMine That Bird2:27.54
View DetailsView Video06/07/08Bel111 1/2mD03 M Da' TaraDenis Of CorkAnak Nakal2:29.65
View DetailsView Video06/09/07Bel111 1/2mD03 M Rags To RichesCurlinTiago2:28.74
View DetailsView Video06/10/06Bel111 1/2mD03 M JazilBluegrass CatSunriver2:27.81
View DetailsView Video06/11/05Bel111 1/2mD03 M Afleet AlexAndromeda's HeroNolan's Cat2:28.75
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Older Comments about the Belmont Stakes...

I watched the Kentucky derby again, and I noticed in the final 50 yard, Commanding Curve went to his wrong lead and was shortening stride, idk if he was tired, or if he was saving energy, but to me, that's a sign that he is tired, I might be wrong, but I don't like the chances of Commanding curve, if he wins, you can rub it in my face
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  • EP Taylor · I am streaming the races tomorrow so it will be all Durkin all day :) · 3467 days ago
  • travel_vic · Hammond has had well doumented heart disease of some time now as well as diverticulitis. · 3467 days ago
Fascinating--June 5th Vet records for each horse in Belmont.
I know some of you are going. Anyone else viewing at a track or doing any type of party?
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  • jmac500 · I don't have people over during big sporting events because when my team or horse loses i throw everyone out lmao · 3468 days ago
  • Mary Z. · Like to jmac · 3468 days ago
Sorry, Breaking news, Social Inclusion will run the Woody Stephens this saturday. According to DRF Twitter
Breaking news and now official, socia
what network / channel will Tom Durkin be calling?
Kid Cruz will skip the Belmont Stakes and "look for an easier spot to run", according to trainer Linda Rice and DRF
Bob Baffert aiming 3 horses for the Belmont Stakes undercard: Bayern (Woody Stephens), Shakin It Up (Met Mile), Cat Burglar (Brooklyn), according to DRF
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  • jay.harrison.52035772 · Baffert said he's afraid of Beholder. · 3471 days ago
  • Jbyrnes1 · How fast will the fractions be in the Woody Stephens if Bayern and Social Inclusion go to the lead, if he runs at first · 3471 days ago
Was at Bel for Peter Pan and think Matterhorn is nice horse, but think someone paid an awful lot for this horse at auction ($ 625k), now hes sold and in the Belmont? NO Bel winner in last 30 has raced as few as 3 times, not even in this age of lesser racing. So I hope this is not big bucks owners looking to cash in.
Belmont Parking: Been to Belmont 4-5 times but always when there was about 5-10,000 there. With the size of the Stakes day I was wondering where the best place to park would be. Do they have valet parking like Monmouth or vip pkg you pay extra for?
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  • vodkak · Tom, are you familiar with sections 2DD and 3CC? Don't think they can be too good since both are past the 1/8 pole. Seats there are $335 and $275 ea. · 3481 days ago
  • tmallios · Vodka if i am not mistaken,these are not only outside of the 1/8th pole ,they are the last 4 sections of the track. You are basically at the top of the stretch. If given my druthers i would take the 3's instead of the 2's. The 3rd floor will give you a better angle. I have not sat upstairs in a quite a while,but i think the sections that you want to be on the 3rd floor in the grandstand are J thru S. Cant help you with the 2nd floor,i never sat there.Either way,number one equipment change should be Binoculars On, unless you have the eyes of a hawk. But for ticket brokers,this is Xmas in June without the snow. Is that where you are sitting. The only good thing about Belmont is that it is sooooo spacious, you will not feel the crowds as CD or Pimlico. If anyone goes and does not want to pay these crazy prices. Get there early and go to the Ticket window on the 3rd floor of the Clubhouse . There are usually many peoople with extras and they sell them for face value. They are not allowed to scalp there,as they are on private property. If you don't get a seat ,watch it on the monitors. After all if you are sitting in many of the seats. You will be watching the finish on the big screen anyway. t · 3481 days ago
Commissioner- Javier Castellano. ROC- John Velazquez. Tonalist- Joel Rosario.
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  • vodkak · You're nit picking. You don't like the word committed. Ok so he made an agreement with Clemente that he's ride him in subsequent races. Anyhow, this is all per Paulick. · 3484 days ago
  • tmallios · The guy i believe as far as i can toss an elephant. Sure wish your sources were more reliable. · 3484 days ago
cc/cc cali chro com curv 5/17 also preakness date? thats a hunch play!
Question for the experts out there....what is the best running style suited for the Belmont Stakes? Pressing? Just wondering because there are comments about how Wicked is going to be big in this race but doesn't he close? And don't closers not fair well? Thanks in advance.
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  • travel_vic · when a body is turning the vector is ever changing. Go through an angular course and the lesser the angle the less the effort in changing the vector velocity · 3498 days ago
  • LAZMANNICK · Thanks Vic. That's what I thought it was. · 3498 days ago
So the NY trained or bred are all skipping the Preakness?
also anyone know a "safe"area to stay in around the park
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  • Mary Z. · If I had a gun I would be in prison for murder. My temper is that bad. · 3551 days ago
  • tmallios1 · Is that where you have stayed in the past. Just kidding,keep the hardware at home. · 3551 days ago
anyone know when tickets for this race go on sale?
walk if its only a couple miles
train or cab
i want to bus in from buffalo but i cant make plans till i make sure i can get in
thanks you