Race of the Week 2017

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View DetailsView Video11/19/17Sha61 1/4 mT03+ MJockey Club Cup-G2WertherTime WarpNassa2:01.52
View DetailsView Video11/19/17Kyo111 mileT03+ MMile Championship-G1Persian KnightAir SpinelSungrazer1:33.80
View DetailsView Video11/19/17Sha81 mileT03+ MJockey Club Mile-G2Seasons BloomHelene ParagonBeauty Generation 1:34.13
View DetailsView Video11/19/17Sha76 fT03+ MJockey Club Sprint -G2Mr StunningAmazing KidsD B Pin 1:09.33
View DetailsView Video11/18/17Tok111 1/8 mT02 MTokyo Sports Hai Nisai Stakes-G3WagnerianLucasCharlemagne1:46.60
View DetailsView Video11/12/17Fuk111 1/4 mT03+ MFukushima Kinen-G3Win BrightSuzuka DeviousHistorical2:00.20
View DetailsView Video11/12/17Kyo111 3/8 m T03+ FQueen Elizabeth II Cup-G1Mozu KatchanCrocosmiaMikki Queen2:14.30
View DetailsView Video11/11/17Kyo111 mileT02 MDaily Hai Nisai Stakes-G2GendarmeKatsujiKeiai Nautique1:36.30
View DetailsView Video11/11/17Flem51 5/8 mT03+ MQueen Elizabeth Stakes-G3Vengeur MasqueGrey LionWheal Leisure2:42.99
View DetailsView Video11/11/17Dmr57 fD02 MBob Hope Stakes-G3Greyvitos MourinhoBeautiful Shot1:22.20
View DetailsView Video11/11/17Aqu81 3/8 m T03+ MRed Smith Handicap-G3Spring QualityCall ProvisionGet Jets2:17.72
View DetailsView Video11/11/17Tls61 5/16 mT03+ FPrix Fille de l'Air-G3HaggleSon MaciaVia Firenze2:11.38
View DetailsView Video11/11/17Flem81 1/4 mT03+ MEmirates Stakes-G1Tosen StardomHappy ClapperIt's Somewhat2:01.22
View DetailsView Video11/07/17Flem72 milesT03+ MMelbourne Cup-G1RekindlingJohannes VermeerMax Dynamite3:21.19
View DetailsView Video11/05/17Tok111 9/16 mT03+ MCopa Republica Argentina-G2Suave RichardSole ImpactSeda Brillantes2:30.00
View DetailsView Video11/05/17Kre57 1/2 fT02 MHerzog Von Ratibor-Rennen-G3Poldi's LieblingGuiriMelodino1:56.72
View DetailsView Video11/05/17Aqu31 mileD02 MNashua-G2Avery IslandSuper Sermon Aveenu Malcainu1:37.58
View DetailsView Video11/05/17Sha71 1/8 mT03+ MLadies Purse-G3NassaTime WarpRomantic Touch1:45.41
View DetailsView Video11/05/17Kre71 1/4 mT03+ MNiederrhein-Pokal-G3VenetoDevastarCapitano2:17.08
View DetailsView Video11/04/17Dmr91 mileT03+ MBreeders Cup Mile-G1World ApprovalLancaster BomberBlackjackcat1:34.55