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View DetailsView Video07/19/18Leo41 1/8 mT03+ M Turret RocksDeauvilleHazapour1:55.20
View DetailsView Video07/18/18Vic31 1/4 mT03+ M Noor Al HawaGolden LegendSubway Dancer2:03.93
View DetailsView Video07/15/18Msn66 fT03+ M Inns Of CourtKing MalpicAbrantes1:10.55
View DetailsView Video07/15/18Msn51 5/16 mT03 M GyllenCrossed BatonLouis D'Or2:09.74
View DetailsView Video07/15/18Col61 mileT03+ M Diplomat WonnemondMalakeh1:35.25
View DetailsView Video07/14/18Asc21 mileT04+ M Beat The BankLord GlittersSuedois1:39.39
View DetailsView Video07/14/18NewJ17 fT02 M QuortoCape Of Good Hope Neverland Rock1:25.48
View DetailsView Video07/14/18PLong51 1/2mT03 M Kew GardensNeufboscDee Ex Bee2:28.62
View DetailsView Video07/14/18Yor21 3/4 mT04+ M Dylan MouthDal HarraildScotland3:01.26
View DetailsView Video07/14/18InD81 1/16 mD03 F Talk Veuve To MeFigarella's Queen Kelly's Humor1:43.15
View DetailsView Video07/14/18LRC81 1/8 mD03 M Once On WhiskeyDraft PickAx Man 1:48.93
View DetailsView Video07/14/18InD91 1/16 mD03 M AxelrodTrigger WarningTitle Ready1:43.00
View DetailsView Video07/14/18Del81 1/8 mT03 M Golden BrownHot Springs Carrick1:48.06
View DetailsView Video07/14/18NewJ36 fT03+ M U S Navy Flag BrandoFleet Review1:11.32
View DetailsView Video07/14/18Del91 1/4 mD03+ F ElateSneaky BettyTeresa Z2:04.83
View DetailsView Video07/14/18PLong41 3/4 mT04+ M MarmeloAlgometerPalombe3:05.59
View DetailsView Video07/13/18NewJ26 fT02 F Pretty PollyannaAngel's HideawayChaleur1:11.51
View DetailsView Video07/13/18NewJ41 mileT03+ F Alpha CentauriAltyn OrdaClemmie1:37.45
View DetailsView Video07/13/18Yor36 fT03+ F Raven's LadyPretty BabyPepita1:12.44
View DetailsView Video07/12/18Leo51 3/4 mT03+ F CimearaSizzlingNaughty Or Nice3:08.44