WO MdnOC (12/5/21-R5)

Date / Track:
Post Time:
7 f (Synthetic)
Age / Sex:
2 M

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Aqueduct entries and results 

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Recent HRN Speed

Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start
1 Horse Silk Ethnic Soul Ethnic Soul
0.00 Randy O Thompson
Jodeien Anderson
1st, WO MdnOC (12/5/21-R5)
Last Race 1st, WO MdnOC (12/5/21-R5)
2 Horse Silk Silver Signature Silver Signature
Jimmy Creed
0.00 Sid C. Attard
Eswan Flores
2nd, WO MdnOC (12/5/21-R5)
Last Race 2nd, WO MdnOC (12/5/21-R5)
3 Horse Silk Spigetinmtzaballs Spigetinmtzaballs
Big Screen
3.79 Norman McKnight
Daisuke Fukumoto
3rd, WO MdnOC (12/5/21-R5)
Last Race 3rd, WO MdnOC (12/5/21-R5)
4 Horse Silk Tragically Funny Tragically Funny
Milwaukee Brew
4.12 Sid C. Attard
Keveh Nicholls
4th, WO MdnOC (12/5/21-R5)
Last Race 4th, WO MdnOC (12/5/21-R5)
5 Horse Silk Wheresthepassion Wheresthepassion
Passion For Action
0.00 Andrew Smith
Mauricio Malvaez
1st, Prx Mcl (3/16/22-R1)
Last Race 1st, Prx Mcl (3/16/22-R1)
6 Horse Silk October Frost October Frost
Creative Cause
0.00 Stuart C Simon
Rafael Manuel Hernandez
6th, WO MdnOC (12/5/21-R5)
Last Race 6th, WO MdnOC (12/5/21-R5)
7 Horse Silk Ascot Bay Ascot Bay
Sligo Bay
0.00 Andrew Smith
Kazushi Kimura
7th, WO MdnOC (12/5/21-R5)
Last Race 7th, WO MdnOC (12/5/21-R5)
8 Horse Silk Mr. Commish Mr. Commish
0.00 Sylvain Pion
Larry Munoz
8th, WO MdnOC (12/5/21-R5)
Last Race 8th, WO MdnOC (12/5/21-R5)
9 Horse Silk Muromec Muromec
3.79 Anthony Husbands
Juan Crawford
7th, GP Mcl (3/12/22-R1)
Last Race 7th, GP Mcl (3/12/22-R1)
10 Horse Silk Why Not Bourbon Why Not Bourbon
Not Bourbon
0.00 Santino C. DiPaola
Sahin Civaci
10th, WO MdnOC (12/5/21-R5)
Last Race 10th, WO MdnOC (12/5/21-R5)
11 Horse Silk Yankee Joe Yankee Joe
American Freedom
0.00 Daniel J. Vella
David J Moran
5th, Pen Str (3/25/22-R5)
Last Race 5th, Pen Str (3/25/22-R5)
12 Horse Silk Intrepid Warrior Intrepid Warrior
Conquest Curlinate
3.79 Andrew Smith
Corey Jordan
12th, WO MdnOC (12/5/21-R5)
Last Race 12th, WO MdnOC (12/5/21-R5)