WO Claim (10/9/15-R7)

Date / Track:
Post Time:
6 1/2 f (Synthetic)
Age / Sex:
3+ M

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Aqueduct entries and results 

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Recent HRN Speed

Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start
1 Horse Silk Uncorked Spirit Uncorked Spirit
Strut The Stage
0.00 Michael J. Doyle
Luis Contreras
7th, WO Str (7/23/17-R7)
Last Race 7th, WO Str (7/23/17-R7)
2 Horse Silk Jaded Humor Jaded Humor
Sharp Humor
0.00 Larry Cappuccitti
Juan Crawford
3rd, WO Claim (10/23/15-R5)
Last Race 3rd, WO Claim (10/23/15-R5)
3 Horse Silk Kayez Kayez
Papa Clem
0.00 Kathy Patton
Simon P. Husbands
7th, WO Claim (9/3/17-R9)
Last Race 7th, WO Claim (9/3/17-R9)
4 Horse Silk Awarding Awarding
Alnasr Alwasheek
0.00 Tommy Zarate
Jesse M. Campbell
4th, Mnr Claim (8/7/16-R8)
Last Race 4th, Mnr Claim (8/7/16-R8)
5 Horse Silk Sian Sian
Max Badal
5th, WO Claim (10/23/15-R5)
Last Race 5th, WO Claim (10/23/15-R5)
6 Horse Silk Alphabetical Order Alphabetical Order
Alphabet Soup
3.79 Mary Ann Wright
Jeffrey Ian Alderson
6th, WO Claim (10/9/15-R7)
Last Race 6th, WO Claim (10/9/15-R7)
7 Horse Silk Hennessy Dave Hennessy Dave
3.79 John A. Ross
Gary Boulanger
7th, WO Claim (10/9/15-R7)
Last Race 7th, WO Claim (10/9/15-R7)
8 Horse Silk Dancing Rico Dancing Rico
Disco Rico
0.00 Michael K. McDonald
Emile Ramsammy
6th, WO Claim (4/10/16-R5)
Last Race 6th, WO Claim (4/10/16-R5)
9 Horse Silk Zenzizi Zenzizi
Eurico Rosa Duplicate
8th, WO Claim (4/30/16-R3)
Last Race 8th, WO Claim (4/30/16-R3)
10 Horse Silk Iron Shore Iron Shore
Mast Track
Omar Moreno
10th, WO Claim (10/9/15-R7)
Last Race 10th, WO Claim (10/9/15-R7)
11 Horse Silk Supersizer Supersizer
Dixie Union
0.00 Mark E. Casse
Patrick Husbands
11th, WO Claim (10/9/15-R7)
Last Race 11th, WO Claim (10/9/15-R7)
12 Horse Silk Tot Tot
Not Bourbon
0.00 Roger L. Attfield
Justin Stein
12th, WO Claim (10/9/15-R7)
Last Race 12th, WO Claim (10/9/15-R7)
13 Horse Silk Moosetoupsjaabar Moosetoupsjaabar
Fanny Crausaz
13th, WO Claim (10/9/15-R7)
Last Race 13th, WO Claim (10/9/15-R7)