WO MSW (8/3/14-R10)

Date / Track:
Post Time:
6 1/2 f (Turf)
Age / Sex:
3+ F
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start HRN
1 Horse Silk Elgin Elgin
Peaks And Valleys
0.00 Reade Baker
Emma-Jayne Wilson
5th, WO Claim (9/19/18-R7) 2-1
Last Race 5th, WO Claim (9/19/18-R7)
2 Horse Silk Yoursofunnee Yoursofunnee
Giant Gizmo
0.00 Darren C Glennon
Gary Boulanger
4th, WO Mcl (9/6/15-R6) 15-1
Last Race 4th, WO Mcl (9/6/15-R6)
3 Horse Silk Ginger Beer Ginger Beer
Milwaukee Brew
0.00 Malcolm Pierce
Luis Contreras
7th, WO Allow (7/27/16-R4) 6-1
Last Race 7th, WO Allow (7/27/16-R4)
4 Horse Silk Catch Some Zs Catch Some Zs
Where's The Ring
0.00 Paul M. Buttigieg
Justin Stein
9th, WO Claim (7/9/17-R5) 10-1
Last Race 9th, WO Claim (7/9/17-R5)
5 Horse Silk She's No Meeny She's No Meeny
Giant Gizmo
0.00 Ralph J. Biamonte
Eurico Rosa Da Silva
3rd, WO Claim (4/29/17-R10) 12-1
Last Race 3rd, WO Claim (4/29/17-R10)
6 Horse Silk Raise a Glass Raise a Glass
4 William Tharrenos
Tommy Wong
3rd, WO Claim (11/28/14-R5)
Last Race 3rd, WO Claim (11/28/14-R5)
7 Horse Silk Pecan Pie Pecan Pie
Sligo Bay
0.00 Breeda Hayes
David J Moran
1st, WO Allow (6/10/15-R4) 15-1
Last Race 1st, WO Allow (6/10/15-R4)
8 Horse Silk Corey's Princess Corey's Princess
0.00 Desmond Maynard
Christopher Griffith
4th, WO Claim (4/16/16-R4) 20-1
Last Race 4th, WO Claim (4/16/16-R4)
9 Horse Silk Bide A Wee Island Bide A Wee Island
Sligo Bay
0.00 Catherine Day Phillips
Patrick Husbands
1st, WO Mcl (11/22/14-R9) 5-1
Last Race 1st, WO Mcl (11/22/14-R9)
10 Horse Silk Molinaro Diamond Molinaro Diamond
Omar Moreno
11th, WO Mcl (10/17/14-R4) 20-1
Last Race 11th, WO Mcl (10/17/14-R4)
11 Horse Silk Just Let Loose Just Let Loose
One Way Love
0.00 Abraham R. Katryan
Steven R. Bahen
9th, WO MSW (7/18/15-R5) 7-2
Last Race 9th, WO MSW (7/18/15-R5)
12 Horse Silk Miss Stone Miss Stone
Milwaukee Brew
0.00 Brian A. Lynch
Jesse M. Campbell
10th, WO MSW (10/3/14-R4) 20-1
Last Race 10th, WO MSW (10/3/14-R4)