WO Claim (11/17/13-R7)

Date / Track:
Post Time:
6 1/2 f (Synthetic)
Age / Sex:
3+ M
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start HRN
1 Horse Silk Macho Whiskey Macho Whiskey
Macho Uno
0.00 Reade Baker
Emma-Jayne Wilson
3rd, WO Claim (10/2/15-R9)
Last Race 3rd, WO Claim (10/2/15-R9)
2 Horse Silk Rockin Heat Rockin Heat
Rock Hard Ten
6 Reade Baker
Michelle Rainford
1st, WO Claim (12/15/13-R13)
Last Race 1st, WO Claim (12/15/13-R13)
3 Horse Silk Bilby Rhode Bilby Rhode
North Light
4 Patrick Dixon
Gary Boulanger
2nd, WO Claim (10/12/15-R7)
Last Race 2nd, WO Claim (10/12/15-R7)
4 Horse Silk My Silver Badge My Silver Badge
Badge of Silver
0.00 David Cotey
David Garcia
1st, Tam Claim (3/4/16-R1)
Last Race 1st, Tam Claim (3/4/16-R1)
5 Horse Silk February Point February Point
Silent Name
0.00 Arthur Silvera
Sheena Ryan
12th, WO Allow (12/6/13-R6)
Last Race 12th, WO Allow (12/6/13-R6)
6 Horse Silk Sherwood Drive Sherwood Drive
Christopher Griffith
5th, Mnr Claim (8/7/16-R1)
Last Race 5th, Mnr Claim (8/7/16-R1)
7 Horse Silk Dancing With Frank Dancing With Frank
Dance to Destiny
0.00 Sid C. Attard
Patrick Husbands
7th, WO Claim (11/17/13-R7)
Last Race 7th, WO Claim (11/17/13-R7)
8 Horse Silk Matter Of Haste Matter Of Haste
Matty G
Gerry L. Olguin
9th, WO Claim (12/1/13-R10)
Last Race 9th, WO Claim (12/1/13-R10)
9 Horse Silk Perfect Year Perfect Year
Pleasantly Perfect
0.00 Barbara J. Minshall
Tommy Wong
9th, WO Claim (12/1/13-R5)
Last Race 9th, WO Claim (12/1/13-R5)
10 Horse Silk Apostolic Apostolic
0.00 Ian Black
Matt Moore
4th, WO Claim (5/11/14-R1)
Last Race 4th, WO Claim (5/11/14-R1)
11 Horse Silk Bell's First Lad Bell's First Lad
Victory Gallop
0.00 James M Hardy
Erika Smilovsky
11th, WO Claim (11/17/13-R7)
Last Race 11th, WO Claim (11/17/13-R7)
12 Horse Silk Fatherforgiveme Fatherforgiveme
0.00 Michael Keogh
David J Moran
10th, WO Claim (11/29/13-R10)
Last Race 10th, WO Claim (11/29/13-R10)
13 Horse Silk Java King Java King
0.00 Darren C Glennon
Terry Husbands
10th, WO AlwOC (7/16/14-R4)
Last Race 10th, WO AlwOC (7/16/14-R4)
14 Horse Silk Sterling Remark Sterling Remark
Orchid's Devil
0.00 Jerri R. Robertson
Tyler Pizarro
12th, WO Claim (12/15/13-R13)
Last Race 12th, WO Claim (12/15/13-R13)