WO AlwOC (8/12/12-R7)

Date / Track:
Post Time:
7 f (Synthetic)
Age / Sex:
3+ M
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start HRN
1 Horse Silk Lucky Lotto Lucky Lotto
Pure Prize
0.00 Sid C. Attard
James S. McAleney
6th, Kee Claim (10/12/17-R3) 7-2
Last Race 6th, Kee Claim (10/12/17-R3)
2 Horse Silk Menlo Castle Menlo Castle
Forest Danger
4 Ralph J. Biamonte
Luis Contreras
3rd, 2012 Kenora LS 12-1
Last Race 3rd, 2012 Kenora LS
3 Horse Silk Tierra Del Tigre Tierra Del Tigre
0.00 Gail Cox
Michelle Rainford
7th, WO Claim (7/12/13-R6) 20-1
Last Race 7th, WO Claim (7/12/13-R6)
4 Horse Silk At The Sagamore At The Sagamore
Tale of the Cat
0.00 Terry Jordan
Todd K. Kabel
7th, WO Claim (8/9/13-R7) 6-1
Last Race 7th, WO Claim (8/9/13-R7)
5 Horse Silk Perfect Afleet Perfect Afleet
Perfect Soul
0.00 Roger L. Attfield
Patrick Husbands
9th, 2013 Autumn G2 8-1
Last Race 9th, 2013 Autumn G2
6 Horse Silk Tapit's Brew Tapit's Brew
5 Scott H. Fairlie
Tyler Pizarro
2nd, WO Claim (8/9/15-R2) 10-1
Last Race 2nd, WO Claim (8/9/15-R2)
7 Horse Silk Bear's Chill Bear's Chill
Artie Schiller
6 Reade Baker
Emma-Jayne Wilson
7th, WO Claim (12/1/13-R6) 5-2
Last Race 7th, WO Claim (12/1/13-R6)
8 Horse Silk Quick Code Quick Code
Omega Code
0.00 Michael P. De Paulo
Justin Stein
6th, Crc AlwOC (5/25/13-R1) 5-1
Last Race 6th, Crc AlwOC (5/25/13-R1)
Horse Silk Tyrus Tyrus
First Samurai
0.00 Ian R. Wilkes
Jesse M. Campbell
7th, Aqu Claim (3/27/15-R9) Probable
Last Race 7th, Aqu Claim (3/27/15-R9)
Horse Silk Little Red Chris Little Red Chris
Cape Town
0.00 Kevin Attard
Omar Moreno
6th, WO Claim (11/9/12-R7) Probable
Last Race 6th, WO Claim (11/9/12-R7)
Horse Silk Jomelo Jomelo
0.00 Sid C. Attard
Eurico Rosa Da Silva
7th, SA Claim (10/1/17-R9) Probable
Last Race 7th, SA Claim (10/1/17-R9)