WO MSW (4/14/12-R6)

Date / Track:
Post Time:
7 f (Synthetic)
Age / Sex:
3 M

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Aqueduct entries and results 

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Recent HRN Speed

Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start HRN
1 Horse Silk Cant Catch Wynston Cant Catch Wynston
0.00 Josie Carroll
Patrick Husbands
4th, WO Claim (12/11/13-R6) 6-1
Last Race 4th, WO Claim (12/11/13-R6)
2 Horse Silk Speyside Speyside
3.79 Reade Baker
Quincy K. Welch
3rd, WO Claim (4/17/16-R2) 8-1
Last Race 3rd, WO Claim (4/17/16-R2)
3 Horse Silk Curling Rocks Curling Rocks
0.00 Robert P. Tiller
Chantal Sutherland
8th, WO Claim (9/3/12-R10) 5-2
Last Race 8th, WO Claim (9/3/12-R10)
4 Horse Silk Bear's Launch Bear's Launch
0.00 Michael P. De Paulo
Justin Stein
2nd, WO Mcl (6/20/12-R7) 8-1
Last Race 2nd, WO Mcl (6/20/12-R7)
5 Horse Silk Nice Shot Nice Shot
0.00 Malcolm Pierce
Eurico Rosa da Silva
2nd, WO Mcl (8/1/12-R4) 12-1
Last Race 2nd, WO Mcl (8/1/12-R4)
6 Horse Silk Profit Preferred Profit Preferred
Bold Executive
0.00 Laurie Silvera
Omar Moreno
7th, Pen Mcl (6/26/14-R2) 3-1
Last Race 7th, Pen Mcl (6/26/14-R2)
7 Horse Silk Molinaro Jewel Molinaro Jewel
Line Of Departure
0.00 Danny M. O'Callaghan
Matt Moore
2nd, FE Mcl (8/14/12-R9) 20-1
Last Race 2nd, FE Mcl (8/14/12-R9)
8 Horse Silk He's Etain He's Etain
One Way Love
0.00 Laurie Silvera
Emma-Jayne Wilson
1st, Mnr Claim (8/3/16-R8) 10-1
Last Race 1st, Mnr Claim (8/3/16-R8)
9 Horse Silk Wessie The Cat Wessie The Cat
0.00 James J. Smith
Jesse M. Campbell
1st, FE Mcl (5/22/12-R1) 9-2
Last Race 1st, FE Mcl (5/22/12-R1)
10 Horse Silk Cash For Life Cash For Life
0.00 Nicholas Nosowenko
David Clark
1st, WO Claim (8/14/13-R1) 15-1
Last Race 1st, WO Claim (8/14/13-R1)
11 Horse Silk Remember To Dream Remember To Dream
0.00 Bancroft Desouza
David J Moran
12th, WO Claim (6/26/15-R9) 20-1
Last Race 12th, WO Claim (6/26/15-R9)