TP MSW (3/2/23-R8)

Date / Track:
Turfway Park
Post Time:
6 f (Synthetic)
Age / Sex:
3 F

Recent HRN Speed

Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start
1 Horse Silk Daring Do Daring Do
Into Mischief
0.00 Wesley A. Ward
Walter Rodriguez
1st, TP MSW (3/2/23-R8)
Last Race 1st, TP MSW (3/2/23-R8)
2 Horse Silk Beach Walkn Beach Walkn
Cross Traffic
0.00 Ben Colebrook
Luan Machado
2nd, TP MSW (3/2/23-R8)
Last Race 2nd, TP MSW (3/2/23-R8)
3 Horse Silk Exhibit Hall Exhibit Hall
0.00 Paulo H. Lobo
Gerardo Corrales
2nd, TP MSW (4/1/23-R4)
Last Race 2nd, TP MSW (4/1/23-R4)
4 Horse Silk Spencer's Sparkle Spencer's Sparkle
0.00 Cherie DeVaux
Rafael Manuel Hernandez
4th, TP MSW (3/2/23-R8)
Last Race 4th, TP MSW (3/2/23-R8)
5 Horse Silk Hartful Hope Hartful Hope
Central Banker
0.00 Victoria H. Oliver
Rafael Mojica Jr.
5th, TP MSW (3/31/23-R9)
Last Race 5th, TP MSW (3/31/23-R9)
6 Horse Silk Never Tell Patti Never Tell Patti
Uncle Mo
0.00 Eric R. Reed
John McKee
5th, TP MSW (4/1/23-R4)
Last Race 5th, TP MSW (4/1/23-R4)
7 Horse Silk Rock The Nile Rock The Nile
Pioneerof the Nile
0.00 John Ennis
Tyler Heard
7th, TP MSW (3/2/23-R8)
Last Race 7th, TP MSW (3/2/23-R8)
8 Horse Silk Midnight Meghan Midnight Meghan
Midnight Lute
0.00 Ethan West
Malcolm Franklin
6th, TP Mcl (3/30/23-R4)
Last Race 6th, TP Mcl (3/30/23-R4)
9 Horse Silk Peterpam Peterpam
0.00 Joe Sharp
Chris Landeros
9th, TP MSW (3/2/23-R8)
Last Race 9th, TP MSW (3/2/23-R8)
10 Horse Silk Climb to Glory Climb to Glory
Army Mule
0.00 Byron G. Hughes
Ferrin Peterson
10th, TP MSW (3/2/23-R8)
Last Race 10th, TP MSW (3/2/23-R8)