Pen Claim (7/19/2006-R6)

7/19/2006, Penn National
Post Time:
9:06 PM ET
1 1/16 m (Dirt)
3+ M
*Rating is based on HRN fan votes, which rank the Top Active Horses in training.
FinSilksHorse / SireRatingTrainer / JockeyLast Start / Next Start
1st Sooner The Better
M. Salvaggio
W. Otero
8th, Tam Mcl (12/20/2017-R9)
2nd Ops Overlord
S. O'Connor
E. Rodriguez
4th, Pen Allow (5/31/2008-R8)
3rd Kipper Chemo
a. sarson
K. Lee
3rd, Pen Claim (7/19/2006-R6)
4th Irish Wind
D. Capuano
A. Beitia
4th, Pen Claim (7/19/2006-R6)
5th Alkarnak
M. Moubarak
E. Peltroche
7th, Pen Claim (8/17/2007-R7)
6th Lisa's Royal Guy
J. Englehart
E. Flores
6th, Pen Claim (7/19/2006-R6)
7th Emotional Ending
G. Rivera
R. Carpio
7th, Pen Claim (7/19/2006-R6)
8th Arab Warning
B. West
E. Perez
8th, Pen Claim (7/19/2006-R6)
9th Salute Him
Mull of Kintyre
A. Martin
J. Tipa
5th, 2011 Conditions View Video
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