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What happened in the Twilight Derby?
Affirmed had so much heart in addition to talent. Many think he wasn't quite as physically brilliant as Secretariat and Slew and Bid (who he beat), but I am not convinced. He is right there, I think. Pretty close, anyway. If they all ran in a race against each other, I'd probably pick Secretariat, but I would never discount a horse with Affirmed's heart and drive. Holding off a horse as good as Alydar all of those times was almost Herculean and proved Affirmed could rise to the occasion. He deserves more respect than he gets.
The race on 10/26/19 at Belmont @ 1 1/16 m was run on the main track, not turf.
Some people on this site are responsible for the death of more brain cells than all drugs put together馃檮
Way to go Mr. Monomoy! Do your sister proud! Good show!!
After his win day Mr Monomoy earned-a TDN rising star. 6.5 four longs. 117.57
This little horse's running style reminded me of Afleet Alex, low to the ground with fast strides, in his maiden win.
I have noticed in looking at the charts of Citation's races that there appears to be an error in either the time or the distance of the race at Hollywood Park on June 14, 1951. The race is listed as one mile but the time is the time for a 6 furlong race. The time shows as 1:10 4/5 but the race is listed at one mile flat. It certainly is a testimony to Citation's endurance that he was able to compete at about 15 different race tracks around the country at distances ranging from 1/2 furlongs to 2 miles. It is also important to know that Citation likely traveled the country at that time by train and van which took toll on his stamina. I have also noticed that Citation also did not race at Saratoga. He would likely have been at the Spa in August of 1948 but instead was running at Arlington and Washington Parks in Chicago at that time. I believe that was when Phil Georgeff got an up close look at Citation when he was a young boy in the Midwest. The three races Citation won at that time likely made a big impression on him.
Mr. and Mrs. West may just have been given another Derby shot with a 2 year old named High Velocity in Del Mar. Just put him on my derby watch list. Good luck. Could be another big hearted runner...Just like MS....
Named offspring so far! California Reign (鈥18 f. out of Scandalous Song) C C Goldrush (鈥18 c. out of Our Fantene) Raving (鈥18 f. out of Dade Babe) California Rone (鈥18 c. out of Stayclassysandiego) Charles Chrome (鈥18 c. out of Charlie A) Brnos Luck (鈥18 c. out of Brushwork) Chrome Is Laughing (鈥19 c. out of Laughing Saint) Classy Cal (鈥18 c. out of Champagne Royale) Colerful Chrome (鈥18 f. out of Colerful Bride) Crookedchromedhalo (鈥19 c. out of Spitfire Wind) Decade (鈥18 f. out of Emma Carly) Hank Moody (鈥18 c. out of Summertime Friend) Isle of Dreams (鈥18 c. out of Lazaria Lass) Lavish McTavish (鈥18 c. out of Moulin de Mougin) Lotsandlotsofchrome (鈥18 c. out of Lotsandlotsofhope Macho Chrome (鈥19 c. out of Sydney鈥檚 Darling) this one is owned by Art Sherman! Ms Coronado Chrome (鈥19 f. out of Ms Bubbette) Polished Chrome (鈥18 c. out of Hotlantic) Quality Chrome (鈥18 f. out of Dame Ellen) Westward Expansion (鈥18 c. out of Journey On) Xcaret (鈥19 f. out of Bonita)
Witez worked 4f, Nov 16th, in 51.00 (b) finishing 2/2
Zestful worked 3f, Nov 16th, in 36.60 (h) finishing 2/12
The only time (besides Pharoah and Justify in their Preakness & Belmont) that I find myself rooting for a Baffert trainee and she turns out to not be that good馃槥
Chapalu worked 4f, Nov 16th, in 51.20 (b) finishing 17/29
Henley's Joy worked 5f, Nov 16th, in 1:01.40 (h) finishing 8/21
Extra Hope worked 5f, Nov 16th, in 1:02.80 (h) finishing 16/21
Instagrand worked 4f, Nov 16th, in 49.80 (h) finishing 11/13
Brill worked 4f, Nov 16th, in 48.20 (H) finishing 5/13
Barrera was quoted as taking fault for his slow return at 4 saying that he was sore and hope he would just warm out of it, but it persisted