OP Claim (4/12/12-R1)

Date / Track:
Oaklawn Park
Post Time:
1 1/16 m (Dirt)
Age / Sex:
3+ F
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start HRN
1 Horse Silk Laura Babe Laura Babe
City Zip
4.39 Richard D. Jackson
Alex L. Canchari
1st, OP Claim (4/12/12-R1) 8-1
Last Race 1st, OP Claim (4/12/12-R1)
2 Horse Silk Cyn Ban Dina Cyn Ban Dina
0.00 Jimmie Hale
Ken Shino
3rd, OP Claim (2/8/13-R2) 15-1
Last Race 3rd, OP Claim (2/8/13-R2)
3 Horse Silk Latika Love Latika Love
Strong Contender
0.00 McLean Robertson
Israel Ocampo
8th, Tam Claim (1/26/18-R8) 2-1
Last Race 8th, Tam Claim (1/26/18-R8)
4 Horse Silk Refused To Commit Refused To Commit
Broken Vow
0.00 Allen Milligan
Corey S. Nakatani
10th, LaD Claim (8/19/12-R3) 5-2
Last Race 10th, LaD Claim (8/19/12-R3)
5 Horse Silk Country Caucus Country Caucus
4.73 Scott D. Mullins
Inosencio Diego
5th, Haw Claim (2/15/13-R6) 15-1
Last Race 5th, Haw Claim (2/15/13-R6)
6 Horse Silk R S Valentine R S Valentine
Storm And A Half
3.73 Tom C. Burwell
Ricardo Santana, Jr.
6th, OP Claim (4/12/12-R1) 10-1
Last Race 6th, OP Claim (4/12/12-R1)
7 Horse Silk Sandwee Sandwee
Silver Train
0.00 David Morris
Jenna Joubert
6th, OP Claim (3/30/13-R7) 12-1
Last Race 6th, OP Claim (3/30/13-R7)
8 Horse Silk Lil Lalu Lil Lalu
Canadian Frontier
0.00 Tim Dixon
M. Clifton Berry
2nd, DeD Claim (10/24/12-R10) 12-1
Last Race 2nd, DeD Claim (10/24/12-R10)
9 Horse Silk Flying Mon Flying Mon
Maria's Mon
0.00 Kevin Chandler
Alex Birzer
9th, OP Claim (4/12/12-R1) 4-1
Last Race 9th, OP Claim (4/12/12-R1)