Mnr AlwOC (9/29/13-R3)

Date / Track:
Post Time:
7 f (Turf)
Age / Sex:
3+ M

Recent HRN Speed

Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start
1 Horse Silk Power Blast Power Blast
Jump Start
4.73 Linda Rice
Deshawn L. Parker
1st, Mnr AlwOC (9/29/13-R3)
Last Race 1st, Mnr AlwOC (9/29/13-R3)
2 Horse Silk Black Circle Black Circle
Black Mambo
0.00 Alex Rendon
Ray Ganpath
1st, Mnr AlwOC (7/18/16-R1)
Last Race 1st, Mnr AlwOC (7/18/16-R1)
3 Horse Silk Gentlemansapproval Gentlemansapproval
Yankee Gentleman
0.00 Michelle Lovell
Ernesto Oro
3rd, Mnr AlwOC (9/29/13-R3)
Last Race 3rd, Mnr AlwOC (9/29/13-R3)
4 Horse Silk Act Too Act Too
Creative Act
0.00 Ray E. Tracy Jr.
Christian P Pilares
4th, Mnr AlwOC (9/29/13-R3)
Last Race 4th, Mnr AlwOC (9/29/13-R3)
5 Horse Silk Rosa Pantera Rosa Pantera
Roar of the Tiger
0.00 Jennifer A. Johnson
Andrew R Ramgeet
5th, Mnr AlwOC (9/29/13-R3)
Last Race 5th, Mnr AlwOC (9/29/13-R3)
6 Horse Silk Hachi Hachi
4.79 Jimmy Corrigan
Luciano Hernandez
5th, SA AlwOC (5/5/18-R6)
Last Race 5th, SA AlwOC (5/5/18-R6)
7 Horse Silk Gold For Cash Gold For Cash
5.19 Larry W. Demeritte
Brandon Whitacre
5th, Haw AlwOC (4/27/14-R7)
Last Race 5th, Haw AlwOC (4/27/14-R7)
8 Horse Silk Thegames A Bustout Thegames A Bustout
0.00 Nabu Morales
Po Po Patter
8th, Mnr Claim (7/31/16-R5)
Last Race 8th, Mnr Claim (7/31/16-R5)
9 Horse Silk Proud Warrior Proud Warrior
War Chant
0.00 William H. Fires
Agustin Bracho
9th, Mnr AlwOC (9/29/13-R3)
Last Race 9th, Mnr AlwOC (9/29/13-R3)
10 Horse Silk Barnyard Fiddler Barnyard Fiddler
0.00 Don Mills
Marco A Ccamaque
2nd, AP Claim (9/8/18-R1)
Last Race 2nd, AP Claim (9/8/18-R1)