Hol Mcl (12/1/11-R6)

Date / Track:
Hollywood Park
Post Time:
6 f (Synthetic)
Age / Sex:
2 M

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Recent HRN Speed

Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start HRN
1 Horse Silk Blueskiesnrainbows Blueskiesnrainbows
English Channel
7.57 Bob Baffert
Martin Garcia
9th, SA AlwOC (1/2/15-R6) 5-2
Last Race 9th, SA AlwOC (1/2/15-R6)
2 Horse Silk I Feel Free I Feel Free
Old Topper
4.89 Doug F. O'Neill
Victor Espinoza
6th, SA Mcl (3/21/13-R2) 10-1
Last Race 6th, SA Mcl (3/21/13-R2)
3 Horse Silk Run Charlie Run Run Charlie Run
Indian Charlie
4.87 Dan L. Hendricks
Ramon Guce
3rd, SA Mcl (4/4/13-R6) 8-1
Last Race 3rd, SA Mcl (4/4/13-R6)
4 Horse Silk Sky Larkin Sky Larkin
Grand Slam
4.59 Robertino Diodoro
Daniel P. Vergara
6th, SA Claim (2/23/12-R2) 8-1
Last Race 6th, SA Claim (2/23/12-R2)
5 Horse Silk Dinosaur Club Dinosaur Club
4.59 Roger M. Stein
Garrett K. Gomez
5th, Hol Mcl (12/1/11-R6) 8-1
Last Race 5th, Hol Mcl (12/1/11-R6)
6 Horse Silk Solana Soleil Solana Soleil
Beau Soleil
4.56 Robert B. Hess Jr.
Rafael Bejarano
2nd, Hol Mcl (7/7/12-R10) 9-2
Last Race 2nd, Hol Mcl (7/7/12-R10)
7 Horse Silk Buds Pal Buds Pal
4.84 Jack J. Armstrong
Joseph Talamo
4th, Hol Claim (12/1/13-R5) 6-1
Last Race 4th, Hol Claim (12/1/13-R5)
8 Horse Silk Pursuit of Tao Pursuit of Tao
4.47 Vod J. Farris
Alonso Quinonez
2nd, LRC Claim (3/2/12-R7) 30-1
Last Race 2nd, LRC Claim (3/2/12-R7)
9 Horse Silk Swiss Guard Swiss Guard
Swiss Yodeler
4.15 Mike Harrington
Joseph J. Steiner
12th, SA Mcl (1/21/12-R9) 20-1
Last Race 12th, SA Mcl (1/21/12-R9)
10 Horse Silk Zairsacat Zairsacat
4.34 Frank Lucarelli
Eswan Flores
10th, Hol Mcl (12/1/11-R6) 20-1
Last Race 10th, Hol Mcl (12/1/11-R6)
11 Horse Silk Pancho and Cisco Pancho and Cisco
High Cascade
4.12 Saundra Aguirre
Luis Medina
11th, Hol Mcl (12/1/11-R6) 20-1
Last Race 11th, Hol Mcl (12/1/11-R6)