FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)

Date / Track:
Fair Grounds Race Course
Post Time:
5 f (Dirt)
Age / Sex:
3 F

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Recent HRN Speed

Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start
1 Horse Silk Lake Marie Lake Marie
3.79 W. Bret Calhoun
Gabriel Saez
7th, 2022 Happy Ticket RS
Last Race 7th, 2022 Happy Ticket RS
2 Horse Silk Seemyvalentine Seemyvalentine
Court Vision
0.00 Ron Faucheux
Jareth Loveberry
2nd, FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)
Last Race 2nd, FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)
3 Horse Silk Zumra Bayou Zumra Bayou
0.00 Joe Sharp
Jose Riquelme
3rd, FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)
Last Race 3rd, FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)
4 Horse Silk Wheels Like Nala Wheels Like Nala
0.00 Justin Jeansonne
Orlando Mojica
4th, FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)
Last Race 4th, FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)
5 Horse Silk Custom Guitar Custom Guitar
Custom for Carlos
3.79 Emile Schwandt
Mitchell Murrill
5th, FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)
Last Race 5th, FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)
6 Horse Silk Angela's Celerity Angela's Celerity
Jay Gatsby
0.00 Joseph M. Foster
Emanuel Nieves
6th, FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)
Last Race 6th, FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)
7 Horse Silk Both Ours Both Ours
Half Ours
0.00 Corale A. Richards
Aubrie Green
7th, FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)
Last Race 7th, FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)
8 Horse Silk Carlos Loves Tee Carlos Loves Tee
Custom for Carlos
0.00 Sam B. David Jr.
Marcelino Pedroza Jr.
3rd, FG Mcl (3/25/22-R2)
Last Race 3rd, FG Mcl (3/25/22-R2)
9 Horse Silk Ready Ready Ready Ready
Tom's Ready
0.00 Patrick Devereux, Jr
James Graham
9th, FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)
Last Race 9th, FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)
10 Horse Silk My Royal Princess My Royal Princess
Jay Gatsby
0.00 Charles Zenon
Treylon Albert
10th, FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)
Last Race 10th, FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)
11 Horse Silk Listen Jan Listen Jan
Yellow Meadow
0.00 Joseph M. Foster
Deshawn L. Parker
11th, FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)
Last Race 11th, FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)
12 Horse Silk Glenneymax Glenneymax
0.00 Theodore Arndt
Angel Suarez
12th, FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)
Last Race 12th, FG Mcl (3/10/22-R1)