Dmr Claim (8/24/13-R1)

Date / Track:
Del Mar Racetrack
Post Time:
5 1/2 f (Synthetic)
Age / Sex:
3+ M
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start HRN
1 Horse Silk Hustlin Nu Hustlin Nu
Half Ours
5 Jeff Mullins
Patrick A. Valenzuela
8th, FG AlwOC (12/6/15-R6)
Last Race 8th, FG AlwOC (12/6/15-R6)
2 Horse Silk Legal Separation Legal Separation
5 Ed Moger, Jr.
Edwin A. Maldonado
2nd, Dmr Claim (8/24/13-R1)
Last Race 2nd, Dmr Claim (8/24/13-R1)
3 Horse Silk It Doesn't Add Up It Doesn't Add Up
0.00 Merrill R. Scherer
Garrett K. Gomez
3rd, Dmr Claim (8/24/13-R1)
Last Race 3rd, Dmr Claim (8/24/13-R1)
4 Horse Silk Always the Same Always the Same
Grand Score
5 Jerry M. Fanning
Arnold Perez
8th, SA Claim (3/21/14-R6)
Last Race 8th, SA Claim (3/21/14-R6)
5 Horse Silk Chibita Chibita
0.00 Rafael DeLeon
Gonzalo Nicolas
9th, SA Claim (10/12/13-R5)
Last Race 9th, SA Claim (10/12/13-R5)
6 Horse Silk Pack Your Bags Pack Your Bags
Flying Continental
4 Molly J Pearson
Alex Bisono
6th, Dmr Claim (8/24/13-R1)
Last Race 6th, Dmr Claim (8/24/13-R1)
7 Horse Silk Love That Action Love That Action
Quick Action
0.00 Philip D'Amato
Irving Orozco
7th, Dmr Claim (8/24/13-R1)
Last Race 7th, Dmr Claim (8/24/13-R1)
8 Horse Silk Two Violins Two Violins
Three Wonders
0.00 David E. Hofmans
Saul Arias
8th, Dmr Claim (8/24/13-R1)
Last Race 8th, Dmr Claim (8/24/13-R1)
9 Horse Silk Northern Poptart Northern Poptart
Albin Jimenez
9th, Dmr Claim (8/24/13-R1)
Last Race 9th, Dmr Claim (8/24/13-R1)
10 Horse Silk Buds Pal Buds Pal
5 Janet Armstrong
Jorge Carreno
4th, Hol Claim (12/1/13-R5)
Last Race 4th, Hol Claim (12/1/13-R5)
11 Horse Silk Raetodandty Raetodandty
6 Val Brinkerhoff
Joseph Talamo
11th, Dmr Claim (8/24/13-R1)
Last Race 11th, Dmr Claim (8/24/13-R1)
12 Horse Silk Teasing Bernie Teasing Bernie
4 James M. Cassidy
Joseph J. Steiner
5th, Hol Claim (12/1/13-R5)
Last Race 5th, Hol Claim (12/1/13-R5)