Crc MSW (8/17/13-R9)

Date / Track:
Calder Race Course
Post Time:
5 f (Turf)
Age / Sex:
3+ M
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start HRN
1 Horse Silk Blue Sky Diver Blue Sky Diver
0.00 Grover C. Wheeler, Jr.
Pedro Monterrey, Jr.
3rd, GP Allow (5/23/15-R9) 10-1
Last Race 3rd, GP Allow (5/23/15-R9)
2 Horse Silk My Name Is Jake My Name Is Jake
Put It Back
0.00 Patrick Lee
Wesley Henry
5th, Crc Claim (5/10/14-R4) 6-1
Last Race 5th, Crc Claim (5/10/14-R4)
3 Horse Silk Well Done Son Well Done Son
Stormy Atlantic
0.00 Russell Kaiser
Eduardo O. Nunez
8th, Lrl Claim (1/30/15-R9) 8-5
Last Race 8th, Lrl Claim (1/30/15-R9)
4 Horse Silk Back To Values Back To Values
Put It Back
0.00 Nestor Cascallares
Diego F. Gomez
7th, GPW Claim (10/22/15-R10) 4-1
Last Race 7th, GPW Claim (10/22/15-R10)
5 Horse Silk Cadet Logan Cadet Logan
Deputy Wild Cat
0.00 David R. Brownlee
Larry Mejias
7th, Crc Claim (11/10/13-R1) 8-1
Last Race 7th, Crc Claim (11/10/13-R1)
6 Horse Silk Delta Bluesman Delta Bluesman
Wagon Limit
6 Enrique Alonso
Manuel Aguilar
5th, Bel AlwOC (9/29/18-R2) 6-1
Last Race 5th, Bel AlwOC (9/29/18-R2)
7 Horse Silk Wise Master Wise Master
Wised Up
0.00 Henry Suckie
Jason Simpson
8th, Crc Mcl (8/31/13-R5) 6-1
Last Race 8th, Crc Mcl (8/31/13-R5)
8 Horse Silk Don't Look Back Don't Look Back
0.00 Donald F. Hunt
David Boraco
4th, Tam Mcl (3/1/14-R1) 5-1
Last Race 4th, Tam Mcl (3/1/14-R1)
Horse Silk Tritonian Tritonian
Peace Rules
4 Patrick Lee
Jocelyne C. Gomez
8th, GP Claim (12/9/15-R8) Probable
Last Race 8th, GP Claim (12/9/15-R8)
Horse Silk Mia's Bullet Mia's Bullet
0.00 Pedro Maestre
R R Ordonez
9th, Tam Mcl (1/9/15-R4) Probable
Last Race 9th, Tam Mcl (1/9/15-R4)