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2018 Handicap

3/20/2018, Chantilly-FR
2 miles (Synthetic)
4+ M
*Rating is based on HRN fan votes, which rank the Top Active Horses in training.
FinSilksHorse / SireRatingTrainer / JockeyLast Start / Next Start
1st Rosny
Soldier of Fortune
M. Planard
V. Cheminaud
1st, 2018 Handicap View Video
2nd Dagobert Duke
Duke of Marmalade
P. Sobry
G. Benoist
14th, 2018 Handicap View Video
3rd Galizzi
J. Reynier
H. Journiac
3rd, 2018 Handicap View Video
4th Le Pin
Holy Roman Emperor
F. Vermeulen
C. Soumillon
4th, 2018 Handicap
5th Gili Emery
Spanish Moon
F. Grizon
S. Martino
5th, 2018 Handicap View Video
6th Un Beau Mec
C. Rossi
A. Crastus
9th, 2018 Conditions View Video
7th Bonfire Heart
R. Le Gal
C. Lecoeuvre
4th, 2020 Reclamer
8th Landjunge
Wiener Walzer
W. Hickst
E. Hardouin
7th, 2019 Prix Bedel (LS) View Video
9th Palmerino
Doctor Dino
E. and G. Leenders
P. Boudot
3rd, 2019 Handicap View Video
10th Bamaxsar
Air Eminem
N. Leenders
J. Cabre
10th, 2018 Handicap View Video
11th Mortree
Le Havre
J. Parize
A. Hamelin
2nd, 2019 Handicap View Video
12th Notanotherholiday
S. Wattel
H. Turner
12th, 2018 Handicap View Video
13th Greshnitsia
Redoute's Choice
V. Luka
T. Bachelot
13th, 2018 Handicap View Video
14th Prophets Pride
C. Nicot
C. Demuro
3rd, 2018 Conditions
15th Fastnet Squall
Fastnet Rock
M. Mortier
I. Mendizabal
15th, 2018 Handicap View Video
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