CD Mcl (11/27/22-R6)

Date / Track:
Churchill Downs
Post Time:
6 1/2 f (Dirt)
Age / Sex:
2 M
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start Elixir.HRN
1 Horse Silk Joey Freshwater Joey Freshwater
Jimmy Creed
0.00 Linda Rice
Tyler Gaffalione
1st, Aqu Str (1/1/23-R2)
Last Race 1st, Aqu Str (1/1/23-R2)
2 Horse Silk No Easy Days No Easy Days
American Freedom
4.45 Michael W. McCarthy
Martin Garcia
2nd, Lrl MSW (1/27/23-R7)
Last Race 2nd, Lrl MSW (1/27/23-R7)
3 Horse Silk Inspeightoftrainer Inspeightoftrainer
5.17 Christopher Davis
Brian J. Hernandez, Jr.
2nd, Aqu Str (1/14/23-R2)
Last Race 2nd, Aqu Str (1/14/23-R2)
4 Horse Silk Hill Of Tara Hill Of Tara
Sharp Azteca
4.12 John Ennis
Luis Saez
1st, TP Mcl (2/2/23-R4)
Last Race 1st, TP Mcl (2/2/23-R4)
5 Horse Silk O'Conner Sunset O'Conner Sunset
0.00 Juan Cano
Mitchell Murrill
3rd, GP MdnOC (1/22/23-R5)
Last Race 3rd, GP MdnOC (1/22/23-R5)
6 Horse Silk Color Field Color Field
0.00 Thomas M. Amoss
Edgar Morales
1st, OP Mcl (1/6/23-R4)
Last Race 1st, OP Mcl (1/6/23-R4)
7 Horse Silk Wilderzar Wilderzar
0.00 Norman L. Cash
Rafael Bejarano
9th, Lrl Mcl (12/10/22-R3)
Last Race 9th, Lrl Mcl (12/10/22-R3)
8 Horse Silk Border Spin Border Spin
Hard Spun
0.00 Scott Becker
Keith Asmussen
8th, CD Mcl (11/27/22-R6)
Last Race 8th, CD Mcl (11/27/22-R6)
9 Horse Silk Feeling Feeling
Maclean's Music
0.00 Gustavo Delgado
Declan Cannon
9th, TP Mcl (1/7/23-R5)
Last Race 9th, TP Mcl (1/7/23-R5)
10 Horse Silk Recon Recon
0.00 J. Keith Desormeaux
Rene Diaz
10th, CD Mcl (11/27/22-R6)
Last Race 10th, CD Mcl (11/27/22-R6)
11 Horse Silk Northern Runner Northern Runner
Perfect Soul
0.00 Larry W. Demeritte
Rogelio Miranda
8th, TP Mcl (12/30/22-R1)
Last Race 8th, TP Mcl (12/30/22-R1)
12 Horse Silk Velocimo Velocimo
Mo Town
0.00 Joe Sharp
Gerardo Corrales
7th, TP Mcl (12/30/22-R1)
Last Race 7th, TP Mcl (12/30/22-R1)