Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)

Date / Track:
Post Time:
7 1/2 f (Turf)
Age / Sex:
2 F
Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start HRN
1 Horse Silk Princess Naomi Princess Naomi
Master Carpenter
0.00 Rod Millman
Ben A. Curtis
1st, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
Last Race 1st, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
2 Horse Silk Clear To Land Clear To Land
Dragon Pulse
0.00 George Boughey
Daniel Tudhope
2nd, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
Last Race 2nd, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
3 Horse Silk My Honey B My Honey B
0.00 Michael and David Easterby
Joanna Mason
3rd, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
Last Race 3rd, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
4 Horse Silk Leading Company Leading Company
Fast Company
0.00 John Quinn
Jason Hart
4th, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
Last Race 4th, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
5 Horse Silk Zakram Zakram
0.00 David O'Meara
Jason Watson
5th, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
Last Race 5th, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
6 Horse Silk A Day To Dream A Day To Dream
0.00 Ollie Pears
Cameron 'Cam' Hardie
6th, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
Last Race 6th, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
7 Horse Silk Pedro And The Bear Pedro And The Bear
Kodi Bear
0.00 Tom Dascombe
Pierre-Louis Jamin
7th, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
Last Race 7th, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
8 Horse Silk Fomo Fomo
Fountain Of Youth
0.00 Gemma Tutty
Connor Beasley
8th, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
Last Race 8th, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
9 Horse Silk Nifaliophobia Nifaliophobia
0.00 Nigel Tinkler
Rowan Scott
9th, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
Last Race 9th, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
10 Horse Silk West By East West By East
Washington DC
0.00 Richard A. Fahey
Tom Eaves
10th, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
Last Race 10th, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
11 Horse Silk Harswell Rose Harswell Rose
0.00 Roger G. Fell
Jonny Peate
11th, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
Last Race 11th, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
12 Horse Silk City Centre City Centre
Twilight Son
0.00 Tim D. Easterby
Duran Fentiman
12th, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)
Last Race 12th, Bev StrHcp (7/12/22-R6)