Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)

Date / Track:
Belmont Park
Post Time:
1 1/4 m (Turf)
Age / Sex:
3+ F

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Recent HRN Speed

Fin Silks Horse / Sire Rating Trainer / Jockey Last Start / Next Start
1 Horse Silk Etoufee Etoufee
Tabasco Cat
0.00 Gary Sciacca
Jorge F. Chavez
1st, Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)
Last Race 1st, Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)
2 Horse Silk Venetian Glass Venetian Glass
Deputy Minister
0.00 John K. Hennig
Shaun X. Bridgmohan
2nd, ELP MSW (7/19/3-R11)
Last Race 2nd, ELP MSW (7/19/3-R11)
3 Horse Silk Candy Verse Candy Verse
0.00 Stephen A. DiMauro
Javier J. Castellano
3rd, Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)
Last Race 3rd, Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)
4 Horse Silk Relativa Relativa
Parade Marshal
0.00 David G. Donk
Dennis Carr
4th, Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)
Last Race 4th, Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)
5 Horse Silk Stream Stream
0.00 Leo O'Brien
Rafael Mojica Jr.
5th, Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)
Last Race 5th, Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)
6 Horse Silk Christmas Pageant Christmas Pageant
0.00 Mark A. Hennig
Aaron T. Gryder
6th, Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)
Last Race 6th, Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)
7 Horse Silk Sportive Spirirt Sportive Spirirt
0.00 Richard Suttle
Dale Whitaker
7th, Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)
Last Race 7th, Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)
8 Horse Silk Cozzene Along Cozzene Along
0.00 William Badgett Jr.
Edgar S. Prado
8th, Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)
Last Race 8th, Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)
9 Horse Silk Doo Wop Doo Wop
0.00 Christophe Clement
Jose A. Santos
9th, Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)
Last Race 9th, Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)
10 Horse Silk Catch The Bouquet Catch The Bouquet
0.00 William I. Mott
Jerry D. Bailey
10th, Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)
Last Race 10th, Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)
11 Horse Silk A P Amazon A P Amazon
A.P. Indy
0.00 Bernard S. Flint
John R. Velazquez
5th, ELP AlwOC (8/24/3-R8)
Last Race 5th, ELP AlwOC (8/24/3-R8)
12 Horse Silk Quiet North Quiet North
Quiet American
0.00 Olan Scheff
Paul R. Toscano
12th, Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)
Last Race 12th, Bel MSW (10/20/2-R10)